What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber

What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber

MUST SEE THESE GUYS! The worlds first premium conceptual segway dance youtube video!

Directed, Choreographed, Edited and Filmed by David Moore
For booking info email davidjmoore300@gmail.com or Pete@cleartalentgroup.com

Find me on twitter and instagram @davidmooretv

Josh Killacky @josh_killacky
Evan Moody @evan_whysomoody
Alex Ditommaso @alexditommaso
Damien Lavergne @youngdames
Jake Deanda @_jakedeanda_

Behind The Scenes by
Jon Jimenez @jongifted

Shot at www.fateyestudios.com

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20 Responses

  1. Barbara Gordon says:

    Very creative. Too bad it will be copied and done to death.

  2. 871ash says:


  3. rachael jones says:

    that was straight dope!

  4. king Kam says:

    i don’t know if I’m impressed or sadden by this…

  5. Krista and Melody Hammer says:

    Everything about this is amazing!!

  6. BLCK Check says:

    Is this what dancing has come to?

  7. Kara Michelle says:

    good job! :)

  8. Josue CANAL VIEJO says:


  9. Ismail Mazlan says:

    Enjoy ur young age..

  10. Huan Lin says:

    Dope video David, keep it up. Great choreo. – HL

  11. Sinh Phạm says:

    Can anyone tell me name of t-shirt,which two man with baseball cap wearing
    !! i love it 🙂
    I want that one
    (im not good at english)

  12. Kavo-Thizzla says:

    *What’s the remix at the end of this video?*

  13. Bevjero says:

    Pure genius David! I have it on continuous replay…just can’t get enough
    of this ever since I saw it! Just so original and the guys make it look
    real cool and easy. Now I know what I’m gonna get for for Christmas!

  14. Amanda Collins says:

    This is like the modern day treadmill dance X10

  15. D Leo says:

    is that the new look? Wearing shirts that look like dresses? With skinny
    denim jeans that look like leggings? Ugh

  16. enbutterfly says:

    awesome :)

  17. Lipstick Andlead says:

    wow…..bad ass!!!!

  18. Kyle Regan says:

    I was good but the times where they hopped off the Segway seem a bit off

  19. Jswift703 says:

    1 million by tonight.

  20. Andrea Rivas says: