What Does Anesthesia Do to Your Brain?

What Does Anesthesia Do to Your Brain?

Scientists know that anesthesia drugs are really good at knocking you out. What they don’t know is how.
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20 Responses

  1. Jack Hall says:

    How 9 views when there r only 7 ppl in earth

  2. mraceplayer1012 says:

    What is twilight sedation

  3. Nerfin Merfitt says:

    Wait GABA? Isn’t that an OTC mood enhancer?

  4. Rohan Pandey says:

    WHY DID IT STOP AT 9 VIEWS????????

  5. MiserablerHurensohn says:

    Propofol is terrific and I can fully understand why Michael Jackson was
    into it. I woke up feeling like I slept for a week.

  6. Lily Pilkerton says:

    Did anyone else notice the witch in the beginning?

  7. The IdeaThief says:

    redheads also bleed more during surgeries. and people with redheaded
    parents seem to inherit this sometimes, unfortunately. -_- thanks mom. i
    truly appreciate that.

  8. Stu VS says:

    So, Medicine doesn’t know how anesthesia works and they don’t know how
    antidepressants work, other than that they seem to in some people… Why
    the shaming and insistence to use drugs whose immediate effects aren’t
    understood and whose long-term effects and interactions are unknown?

  9. Ryan Stokes says:

    What if you are aware of someone chopping into your chest cavity causing
    extreme pain/displeasure but forget after the anesthesia wears off. Would
    you still opt to go under knowing the fact?

  10. That One Person Named (MrFateA55A551N) says:

    i have been watching crash course its great

  11. Jesse Crandle says:

    Been under twilight sedation, formed new memories, remembered the whole
    procedure. Pain was minimal, but I remember the whole process, so… might
    want to reconsider the “no memories” thing.

  12. kalle hänninen says:

    I like the soliton model most. “The authors claim that their model explains
    the previously obscure mode of action of numerous anesthetics. The
    Meyer–Overton observation holds that the strength of a wide variety of
    chemically diverse anesthetics is proportional to their lipid solubility,
    suggesting that they do not act by binding to specific proteins such as ion
    channels but instead by dissolving in and changing the properties of the
    lipid membrane. Dissolving substances in the membrane lowers the membrane’s
    freezing point, and the resulting larger difference between body
    temperature and freezing point inhibits the propagation of solitons. By
    increasing pressure, lowering pH or lowering temperature, this difference
    can be restored back to normal, which should cancel the action of
    anesthetics: this is indeed observed. The amount of pressure needed to
    cancel the action of an anesthetic of a given lipid solubility can be
    computed from the soliton model and agrees reasonably well with
    experimental observations.”

  13. Mohamed Hijazi says:

    I thought your brother did that. doesn’t he have a brother

  14. Sinjin Van Cleef says:

    Probably because gingers have no soul therefore they don’t need sleep

  15. denimalos says:

    Nitrogen Narcosis ? scuba diving ,deep, nitrogen gets you drunk, ..but why?

  16. Poon Slayer says:

    Can you explain gingers
    I myself have freckles that’s be cool to know about

  17. The Hundredth Monkey says:

    That’s a terrible “super power” / “weakness” ratio for the gingers.

  18. homefreylf says:

    Can you be allergic to anesthesia? Because I get really sick and throw up
    anytime I’ve had it. I also have reddish hair…

  19. thegaming probe56 says:

    my biology class watches these videos and enjoys them

  20. ThreadThatHas NoEnd says:

    Getting surgery in 2 days. Thanks for the Timely video!