What Does The Inside Of A Black Hole Look Like?

What Does The Inside Of A Black Hole Look Like?

A detailed look and analysis of a the black hole.

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What Does The Inside Of A Black Hole Look Like?

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20 Responses

  1. Mr Bruce Wayne says:


  2. Carlos Martinez says:

    black holes = future trash cans

  3. Nikhil Ranepura (Nix) says:

    🙂 no idea what he said

  4. clouD atlaS says:

    I don’t know? Jump in and find out and tell me when you comeback

  5. Jose Bonilla says:

    Really? I didn’t know that.

  6. tommy flanagan says:

    biggest waste of 3 minutes 51 seconds of my life. all this information is
    based only off of theories. no one has, and probably ever will, experience
    a black hole firsthand. SO yeah

  7. DeezPvP says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. adam man says:

    i dont understand a damn thing

  9. Hakar Doski says:

    interesting …

  10. HaCk Mystery says:

    Holy crap. See. This is time travel. Lol

  11. DARKNESS says:

    let me stretch my hand in and we’ll find out

  12. MyLifeAs Gerneth says:

    I watched all Shanes videos and now this

  13. Gabríel Ágústson says:

    isin’t 1 min in a black hole 4 years?

  14. Lukas Schelbech says:

    Really good video as always!

  15. DeprecatedLuke says:

    What Does The Inside Of A Black Hole Look Like? There is no answer. Why
    make a video of it lol?

  16. sir jaime roland ruiz says:

    all this BULLSHIT of black holes , if there are . Hey lets waste time and
    money on shit that doesn’t HELP A GODDAMN THING HERE ON THIS PLANET!

    As far as I know , all that money/digits going into these fake research go

  17. What the fuck was that says:

    Nope its my ass

  18. johan druijf says:

    probably the most beautiful way to kill yourself due to today’s society….

  19. LordShip 1881 says:

    need a damn Phd to understand this shit. I feel stupid now.

  20. MultiTerpen says:

    Sorry but my brain is not capable to handle this much information at once
    and decrypt it so I can understand.