What else can the Los Angeles Lakers do in free agency? | SportsCenter

What else can the Los Angeles Lakers do in free agency? | SportsCenter

NBA Front Office Insider Bobby Marks says that the Los Angeles Lakers can add a max contract player to their roster if the New Orleans Pelicans are willing to coordinate the timing with them. He also talks about where David Griffin and the Pelicans’ young core will stand after the trade and their presumed number one draft pick Zion Williamson and the changing perception of the Lakers around the league.

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89 Responses

  1. The Future Is Here says:

    1:12 I’ve never heard of “The Great Jrue Holiday” before

  2. Captain Char says:

    Sign players that can shoot and make Free-throw

    • Leland Joseph says:

      Hell no! Why would you get the worst defender in NBA history and a guy who still can’t dribble with his head up. Rose is a boxscore athlete, not a basketball player.

    • Cool Breeze says:

      @Patrick ?

    • Mauro Mayz B. says:

      That also depends on the players’ will to go to the Lakers. It’s a very good idea: I’d target T. Ross, JJ Reddick, Danny Green, Brooke Lopez. At least 2 of them would be awesome

    • KIRK DUKE says:

      Captain Char trends-4-cheap.com is GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BRACELETS! Go get yours before it’s too late! ?

  3. adam scott says:

    Warriors fans switching jerseys after this news lol.

  4. Frankie Russell says:

    Lakers need to invest that $27-33million in depth.

  5. E.Z. Jumpshot says:

    Magic with the no look assist?⛹️?‍♂️?

  6. Jaz says:

    Welp i guess we gonna hear about lakers for the whole free agemcy

  7. yamamancha says:

    Lakers’ free throw shooting has already improved from 2nd worst in the league. That’s gotta be worth +10 wins.

    • DinO MaC says:

      @K B u guys repeat the mefia?? West is wide open ?

    • King Stokes says:

      Slim Vickins he damn sure not a better defender than prime LeBron at all not even close my nigga kd just start playing defense when he got on the warriors Bron declined because of age he fs better than Kobe and Jordan the only argument people got is his record in the finals which is a team accomplishment free throws don’t make u great he isn’t a fucking 6’4 gaurd that’s like saying shaq and Kareem not great people just be saying the dumbest shit Kd isn’t close all time to Lebron he still didn’t take the title of best player in the league from him kd will never be the best player in the league because Bron and giannis and Kawhi up next

    • King Stokes says:

      Slim Vickins and he literally went through a playoffs guarding Derrick rose Paul George and Tim Ducan in the Fucking finals ??? who else uk that can do that who has kd ever locked down man to man???

    • KIRK DUKE says:

      yamamancha trends-4-cheap.com is GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BRACELETS! Go get yours before it’s too late! ?

    • Cyrusz DatViRusz says:

      @Mike Rodriguez 8

  8. Jojo The King says:

    Well. The great Dru Holiday will be joined with the great Lonzo Ball.

  9. BOB says:

    We already saw what Rondo and Davis can do. Add Lebron to that offense. SHEESHH

    • Resse Stevenson says:

      What about the defense. Defense wins games also.

    • BOB says:

      @Resse Stevenson after july 30, lakers get around 30 mill in cap space. Honestly, dont think we need another star and could just use that on role players

  10. PS4 Gaming says:

    Lavar : Why You Trade My Son?!?

    LeBron : Who’s Your Son?

  11. juanccibrian says:

    Throw Brian Scalabrine into that mix and the Lakers have a championship in the bag.

  12. Dylan says:

    Damn Pelicans acting like GameStop trade ins. Trade in 6 players get 1 ?

    • kennan lynn says:

      I wouldnt call any of the 3 lakers trash… just average

    • TheOnly NuclearBomb says:

      @kennan lynn these niggas slow…. The Lakers Got Tons Of money in Cap space!.

    • J Rich says:

      @Jason smith I wanted them to keep Lonzo and BI together with Kuzma but the summer isnt over. They got AD and still were able to keep Kuzma who is going to be an All Star player at his position. Still can possibly sign Rondo, Javale, KCP and maybe even a DeMarcus Cousins (for a 1 year deal) along with another big name player during free agency or more depth.

    • Bruh HoldThisL says:

      Yea and that 1 game doesnt work all the time

    • KIRK DUKE says:

      Dylan trends-4-cheap.com is GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BRACELETS! Go get yours before it’s too late! ?

  13. Robbie S says:

    Retaining Kuzma is a genius move by Lakers. They need to sign scorers and tough players now.

    • Jason smith says:

      Cousins, seth curry, danny green, reddick

    • r/wooosh me says:

      @Robbie S they don’t need sign language they can just use English

    • Kev says:

      Jason smith how much does Lebron need???

    • Jason smith says:

      Kev it’s not about what Lebron needs you moron. It’s about who the Lakers need to sign. This Lakers team looks awful right now and they to sign a lot of solid players to support lebron and Davis. Lebron, davis and another all star (kyrie or kawhi) would be a terrible team. They need depth.

    • Connor English says:

      Robbie S buddy u know nothing, why the fuck would they need to sign any more scorers they have bron kuz and ad? They need to sign shooters and defenders my man

  14. kopi bin says:

    Immediate Contender: Lakers
    Intermediate Contender: Pelicans
    Perpetual Slipery Slope: LaVar Ball

    • Jonathan Liao says:

      kopi bin we can’t rlly say too much until the season starts, can we? Or at least the stats will tell a more accurate prediction than the media. That said, the Lakers will prob be in the top 3 in Western Con. next season.

    • Steve Cruz says:

      LaVar Ball never “spoke” this into existence, ha ha ha

  15. Marky Mark says:

    Their gonna need a Gaurd and add a bench of role players..

  16. Heffy424 says:

    Great now i have to listen to LeShannon everyday yelling “SHIP or CHIP” to SKIP.

  17. L.Pasteur says:

    New Orleans will be The Young Lakers 2.0 – Ball, Ingram, Hart, Randle, Zion + the 4th pick.

  18. ight simple says:

    Warrior bandgons loosing their mind this week lmao

    • B Pett says:

      A H But Lonzo and Ingram are both arguably more injury prone than AD! But I guess that doesn’t count because of your clear and evident bias.

    • Nick Rajpaul says:

      Lmao fr. First they lost to a nigga wearing new balances now the lakers about to clap their ass in the playoffs

    • KIRK DUKE says:

      ight simple trends-4-cheap.com is GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BRACELETS! Go get yours before it’s too late! ?

    • Marcus Jackson says:

      So you all think LeBron and Anthony Davis alone is going to win a championship. They can’t sign another max player.so who else are they going to sign with the 23 mil they have.

  19. Victor Hernandez says:

    This dude really said “Denver acquired Melo from NYN” lmaoo

  20. Kenneth Scott says:

    If Kyrie go to the Lakers now that would be the best career move he could make.

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