What Everyone Gets Wrong About Global Warming

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Global Warming

Throughout this video I say “probability curve” when a statistician would say “probability distribution.” I just want to say that I’m aware of this, and that it’s a choice I intentionally made because I felt like it made it easier to understand.

While I would very much like to get deep into probability functions, what they mean, and how they work, I don’t know if that’s necessary to understand the world with curves. And this isn’t just about climate and weather, pretty much everything is better understood if it’s understood in terms of probability functions. And I generally like to see the world not for the collapsed reality dot, but for the function underneath. It’s why winning at gambling always feels empty to me, I know that the underlying function has my losing even if happened to get lucky. So, in a way, gambling is always losing, even if you win.

I know I’m an armchair statistician, and that lots of people will be annoyed by the language in this video, but I hope you can forgive me!

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20 Responses

  1. aytas23 says:

    …as a nerdfighting meteorologist I thank you for this brief but effective explanation…it is but a start to helping people understand the relationship between probabilities and climate variability…and future climate changes…

  2. miller time420 says:

    The truth is….. It doesn’t exist.

  3. Brandon Nejal says:

    In the us, the areas likeliest to deny global warming are the same areas that are likeliest to experience harsher weather phenomena.

  4. Corinne Brown says:

    See? That’s why you and John are my go to researchers/sortaexperts!!!

  5. mj33090 says:

    Can you make accurate predictions if the curve is not a normal distribution? Hmm….

  6. Sierra Hildreth says:

    omg i love this. i never realized it was like this. THANK YOU

  7. Phil Venti says:

    Anyone else thought the thumbnail was Ricks Portal

  8. songofsunrise says:

    I mostly felt a little “huh?” while watching this…

  9. TheBermuda says:

    I didn’t understand this video. 🙁

  10. Chapeeps says:

    Umm are you an idiot?😂Global warming doesn’t exits, I’m cold rn😂

  11. Pdawg00 says:

    How can you tell global warming from just climate change?

  12. Cringe Central Memes says:

    The world will start cooling down in the next 100 to 200 years, its natural. Now its heating up a tad bit faster than it used to.

  13. Ch3mG33k says:

    Unfortunately no one who needs to watch this will watch this.

  14. Felix Chen says:

    Why is it summer and it’s freezing in NYC

  15. cfbcfbcfbcfb99 says:

    Thanks for the info Josh Brolin

  16. 3rkid2 says:

    You make my favorite videos on the internet, Hank

  17. Sam Bland says:

    We cant stop all climate change.

  18. NatureRecycleFlorida says:

    well lets have a conversation about false science since the 1960s
    (The Coming Ice Age 1978) science claimed the earth was in a cooling trends that would produce massive ice age by the 1990s ,but then in the 1990s science claimed the opposite was going to happen that the earth was in a global warming trend .
    So which science is the true science or is science being bribed by grants to prove a certain thing true to gain more funding .
    Second the last 20 years has been the least active Hurricane seasons.
     Computer models are only as good as the data being entered into them if they are skewed by false data warmer than normal (climate gate wikileaks) then we get false predictions of more storms that never happen the last 15+ years of hurricane prediction.

  19. stupidluvdisc says:

    I still don’t get it:(

  20. Leslie Padilla says:

    But this is crazy it looks like 2 hurricanes will kinda collide irma and harvey and that scares me

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