What Exactly Is Processed Meat?

What Exactly Is Processed Meat?

The WHO recently announced that eating too much processed meat can lead to cancer, but what makes processed meat so bad for you?

How Powerful Is The Meat Industry? ►►►► http://bit.ly/1N9l5Sz

Read More:
How Red Meat Joined the 478 Other Things That Might Give You Cancer
“Eating processed meats causes cancer, and red meat probably increases cancer risks. That’s the judgment of a panel of global experts assembled by the World Health Organization to consider the accumulated scientific evidence on the question.”

Cutting Red Meat For a Longer Life
“New data shows substantial benefit in eliminating or reducing consumption of red meat and substituting healthier proteins.”


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20 Responses

  1. Colin Allred says:


  2. renato muu says:

    i do eat 20kg of meat a day …..

  3. shimyns says:

    I just put this on to see if the commentator was entirely annoying and was
    disappointed to find that.. yes.
    Why do most youtube commentators act like this..?

  4. Neil Sky says:

    maybe cancer is part of our genes. i have been eating hotdog, spam bacon,
    sausage, etc but here i am 55 years alive.

  5. Gary Busey says:

    but I can’t give up steak!!!!!

  6. MrWhataboss23 says:

    What about chicken?

  7. Luis Betancourt says:

    What if it’s organic ??

  8. CrythornMadness says:

    oh now days every thing causes cancer, just breathing can cause cancer if
    you’re in a big city (car fumes) just accept you cant live forever and die
    with a smile on your face, eat the damn burger!!!!!

  9. Jason Thompson says:

    So eat more meat ??? thats what i got from this study , Oh and fuck vegans
    stupid herbivores

  10. tomwest666 says:

    fuck no, I love red meat. I’ll eat it till the day I die of colon cancer
    while it’s hot as fuck outside because of global warming.

  11. jjdogbutte says:

    Nooooo, we’re really gonna die of something someday? Dammit. Oh well, I may
    as well just eat tofu and steamed broccoli until I die of utter vegetarian
    boredom and existential pain for the suffering of those still being

  12. Jay Tea says:

    Pork is white meat not red meat.. Bacon is the pork belly and it’s not
    processed , it’s only smoked…. So fuck off with your bull shit lies.

  13. C Murphy says:

    what about processed fish or poultry… i love jerky turkey

  14. rawstarmusic says:

    I don’t buy red meat. I eat fish, chicken, eggs and cheese for animal
    products. There is no cancer alert for ocean fish is there? Though it can
    be processed as well but mostly simply frozen and don’t have to look good.

  15. Imanol fuentesito says:

    well we allready knew proccesed foods wherent healty nothing changed for me
    bring that bacon

  16. Christian Maida says:

    I eat very little to no red meat in my diet. I’d say within the passed 4
    months I’ve eaten beef and/or pork 5 or less times in total. I’ve been
    eating like this for a little over a year now and as a result I’ve lost
    about 30 lbs which really helped my self esteem and overall mood. :)

  17. DoS Gaming Network says:

    Am I the only one who actually got hungry watching this video?

  18. Zenxuna says:

    who cares? you get cancer from everything anyway, hell even if you avoid
    all things that cause cancer u can still get cancer.

  19. Toh Himself says:

    i rather live a short enjoyable life than a long baconless one

  20. CanadianLoki76 says:

    Eating meat is what made humans evolve and grow a larger brain and become
    smarter. There is more nutrition in same weight of meat as in any other
    vegetable etc. Our brain consumes 20%+ of all the calories we consume.
    Processed meat I can understand isn’t healthy. But normal red meat is GOOD
    for you at least in reasonable quantity.
    Enough of vegans and their idiocy. Vegans only exist because we have
    Supermarkets. If we didn’t have that they would have no way to supplement
    their diet for minerals and protein. Before some Vegan MORON says Spinach
    has protein, durrr. Sure, but Spinach is not indigenous plant everywhere,
    same applies to the rest. Potatoes for example didn’t exist in Europe