What Flavor Works Best in Ice Cream?

What Flavor Works Best in Ice Cream?

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What Flavor Works Best in Ice Cream? That is the question that @jschlattLIVE and I try to solve today, perhaps to our detriment

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Hey thanks for reading the description, comment “I am a cool person, and I can read” if you see this. That is the only way that I know that I have viewers that can read and honestly I’m getting kind of concerned at this point.

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25 Responses

  1. Avocado Animations says:

    I love how quickly this devolved into them snorting Cheeto dust

  2. We daClips says:

    “I’m glad you’re an alcoholic” is the worst thing to say without any context but because of that handshake and just the fact that it’s schlatt it makes it 1000x funnier than it should br

  3. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Leave it to these guys to somehow make Fireball ice cream and it actually ends up tasting good.

  4. Mysticat says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have watched this while eating..

  5. Mecrom says:

    The Schlatt and Ted Combo is something that always ends in chaos.

  6. Animagician says:

    the zoom on schlatt when Ted said pistachio triggered something visceral inside me that wonders what “mustachio” ice cream would taste like

  7. Kam J says:

    I like how you guys spend several hours making weird food when you hang out now. I think naturally the next step is to get one of those Soda Stream things and make awful soda.

  8. Hyyde says:

    I can picture ted and schlatt 60 years from now in a nursing home together

  9. Kara Landey says:

    This whole video is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves an Oscar.

  10. HerrJeminea says:

    After the Fireball Ice Cream this just turns into two drunk men having fun and I LOVE it. Great Video Ted, keep it up!

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