What Happened Before History? Human Origins

What Happened Before History? Human Origins

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Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.

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What Happened Before History? Human Origins

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20 Responses

  1. Trinity99 says:

    epic as always ty

  2. OmnipotentO says:

    This is a beautiful video.

  3. Yukino Takada 雪乃 鷹だ says:

    70000 years ago? that make no sense,the universe is made few thousands
    years ago!

    JK,I love the video,remind me of Crash Course World History
    totally worth the wait,the quality is amazing,it would be great if theres
    more history video

  4. iiMonster says:

    More pls! Love your vids!

  5. Ggh Hhj says:

    2/3 of all humans BELIVE in a god……are u sayin that 2/3 of the humans
    on Earth are wrong……Idk about u but that just stupid to say their isn’t
    a god

  6. lazaro398 says:

    Anyone else got teary-eyed?

  7. David Bolbochan says:

    Amazing quality.

  8. Diane Huynh says:

    Lol *homo*

  9. DiegoAlejandro says:


  10. Richcool says:


  11. OmgItsMouse !¡ says:

    so many mad Christians…

  12. JR Johnson says:

    I’m laughing at this comment section… it’s so funny…people arguing
    about the Bible, and if God exists or not, it’s hillarious. Not only are
    the people that believe that we came from nothing wrong, but the people
    that beleive in Christ are wrong too. They don’t need to act the way they
    do, nobody is gonna want to become a christian that way. And the people
    that don’t believe God exists… It’s an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard
    before. And none of you can answer it either. Which came first, the
    chicken, or the egg? If you can give me a legit, valid, scientific answer
    to this question, then you’re right, and I’m wrong. But if you can’t then
    you’re wrong and I’m right. Since people want to do what they want, and
    live their own selfish and sinfull lives, they’ll do everything they can to
    prove he doesn’t exist. But if we came from nothing, then why do we exist?
    Do we truely live to die? Do we have no purpose? Where do our morals come
    from, our races, our first languages, you can’t tell me they come from

  13. dlwilliams10 says:

    is it just me or is the animation smooth af?? jeez. Its almost too real!
    good work as always dude

  14. Michael Doran says:

    Loving the history stuff!

  15. nekro998 says:

    People still don’t understand what is the Scientific theory :I

    A scientific theory is a WELL-SUBSTANTIATED explanation of some aspect of
    the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and
    repeatedly TESTED and CONFIRMED through observation and experimentation.

    So much people against Evolution Theory, just go back to your trees and
    stay there for the next 3 milion years,
    maybe Earth is flat too? or Sun is circling around the Earth.

  16. kanonenfutter says:

    8:30 Star Fox!

  17. Antony Gomez Ureña says:

    Kurzgesagt you never cease to surprise me! Amazing as always.

  18. Ragnorak Sora says:

    Hey just thought of something what if the first human were actually lab
    rats send from aliens to watch how intelligent life survives in a hostile
    earth. Also screw religion.

  19. Haider Rehman Butt says:

    Wow. Great video.

  20. Jake says:

    Anybody see the amanita muscaria? #shroooooms lol