WHAT HAPPENED?! Can Ed’s Golden Nugget Be Fixed In Time For The Reveal?

WHAT HAPPENED?! Can Ed’s Golden Nugget Be Fixed In Time For The Reveal?

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As we went on a final test drive catastrophe struck! Check out what we find out is wrong with the Golden Nugget and see if we fix it in time for Matt to pick it up!
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20 Responses

  1. ParklandFilms says:

    I have to admit, when Paul and Matt hopped into the Nugget for that test drive together, I had a tear in my eye. My hats off to you guys, and everyone that had a hand in putting this machine together. Cannot wait to see Eds face when he sees it.

  2. PeterRabbit59 says:

    I too got a tear in eye & lump in throat seeing Matt & Paul together in the test drive. Ed I’m sure is going to be overwhelmed. The whole team behind this project did an awesome job.

  3. Sophia Miller says:

    Paul with the up to date meme , he’s like a little kid of the gen z kind. I felt every moment of what you guys didn’t show cleaning up that sand blasting material. You guys are super troopers

  4. n8pu says:

    The grin on Matt’s face as he took it for that short spin said volumes worth of words. One step closer to Ed getting it. All that was / is involved with this are AWESOME!!!

  5. David Johnson says:

    The look on Paul’s face when he and Matt were in it was priceless. There was a little apprehension and a lot of pride in what he had part in. As it should have been.
    I’ll be looking forward to the next build.

  6. Adam Thomas says:

    I have to say Ben has adjusted really well to YouTube life he’s like a natural on camera you boys been doing great work i love what you guys do the family all in the business is a great thing

  7. Donavon Jewett says:

    The smiles on Paul and Matts face as they went on a test drive together says it all. To everyone that put in endless hours of hard work and dedication into this noble project. !! Congratulations !! The research, detail, knowledge, and love that went into this was phenomenal and inspiring. I can understand that bittersweet sadness Michelle and Paul felt as it left the driveway. What a wonderful journey this has been. I can’t wait to see Ed’s reaction.

  8. Desert D-KJ7VXK says:

    Ed is going to love it! Kudos to all that have played a part in this build from the builders to the fans, my hat is off to you all!

  9. AnthonyT50 says:

    This has been so much fun, (easy for me to say!) I was hanging onto my seat when each of the drivers took it out for a test drive, hoping some wild driver wouldn’t run into you. Thank you so much for the joy you have given so many watching the recovery and the rebuild.

  10. John Moore says:

    Glad it’s finally done. Glad you caught the sand and oil issue before handing it to Ed. So many people put so much effort into this gift that Ed is going to be floored.

  11. Daniel says:

    Just like to say y’all have done a wonderful job with a rusted-up tin can and turn it into something beautiful the biggest question is what day are y’all actually going to reveal the Nugget to Ed

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