What Happened Right After Kamaru Usman was Kicked by Leon Edwards at UFC 278

What Happened Right After Kamaru Usman was Kicked by Leon Edwards at UFC 278

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The knockout science behind what happened after Leon Edwards delivered a headkick to knockout Kamaru Usman at UFC 278. In this video I explain the science behind what we

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53 Responses

  1. Denpa says:

    It’s hard to explain, but seeing someone as dominant as Usman go stiff felt far more surreal than a normal KO. I almost felt like CG or something, like the impossible had happened. I’m not sure if anyone else felt this way but it was a seriously unreal feeling, kind of like Tony getting KO’d by Chandler or when Silva broke his leg.

    • ralexlu says:

      Hard facts

    • Justin Abajian says:

      @Adrian King yup usman lost his chance. There’s just not enough left to retry his historic run. What a run tho.

    • Justin Abajian says:

      I’d add when Amanda went down to the list of surreal moments

    • Jr G says:

      One of them holly shit moments

    • Damaris Irizarry says:

      @Old Med Student Which is the best headkick ko ever then? There definitely have been more impressive kos but what makes it the best is how many things were on the line for both fighters and that it completed, one of, if not the best comeback win in MMA history. Upsetting one of the most dominant champions the sport has ever seen

  2. RyanBasas says:

    it’s insane how people thought edwards was defeated and now i’m watching a doctor explain how badly usman got knocked out

    • Dr. Butt Toot says:

      I’m 1 of em

    • A J says:

      It’s funny for the people who left the beginning of round 5 or 4 just to hear people going nuts outside the stadium lmao

    • carlos k says:

      Well to be fair he was losing the fight til he landed that hit kick in the last few minutes of the fifth.

    • Tom Bystander says:

      His coaches even said quit feeling sorry for uself. The man was obsiously on the verge of being broke. Then he entered gu sensei eighth gate and finished one shot

    • Shamz says:

      Life can be funny huh 🤣 I was routing for Leon to win since this match got booked. Near the end of the fifth round, I said Leon doesn’t have the champion mentality yet, maybe next time and then…. BOOOM HEADSHOT!!!! I screamed out of excitement like a little bitch 😂 It’s nights like those money can’t buy

  3. I’ll Tell You What says:

    Easily one of the greatest come back Championship victories of all time. Thanks for the info doc

    • NEWMZ says:

      @Azim -said no one ever

    • Serious Person says:

      Wasn’t really a comeback, Leon was landing like 75% of his sig shots, i.e. what this video is about.

    • Sasta Shroud says:

      @Fidget Cuties the game which is closest to what real world street fights looks like it’s definitely unpredictable sports and also the most important factor is never to lose hope till the very last moment yeahhhhhhhhhh

    • Azim says:

      @EverRunic Jiri was also losing and almost got finished, but I guess it was back and forth.

    • I’ll Tell You What says:

      @Fidget Cuties I feel that, it’s just that if someone is losing a fight handily, and then wins with a spectacular kick with a minute left in a title fight, that’s a comeback win. He literally came back from losing to win the title. That was my point. Some will call it a lucky kick. Some will say that he doesn’t deserve it. But no one can argue that he wasn’t losing, and then didn’t knock Usman unconscious.
      Can’t wait for Part 3 in Wembley.

  4. GG says:

    Usman’s soul was watching over his body.

    • Chris Thorny says:

      @Uche yeah, no one plans to headkick their opponent, all that training for skills, endurance, technique, it was just luck, like the takedown and taking the back, lucky

    • Jake Kirby says:

      @Uche luck would be throwing a random kick out of nowhere Chandler Style and even then it’s intended just luck that it landed with no set up, Leon actually set that up, he’s predominantly a kick-boxer and the 1-2 headkick is a pretty common drilled set up, wouldn’t be surprised if he practiced that in camp for the finish so let again I don’t think it was luck

    • Uche says:

      It was actually lucky. Usman was slowing down and that created the opportunity for that shot. This wasn’t something that was planned in the training camp

    • Uche says:

      Honestly that kick was lucky though. That’s why it was perfect. Anything short of that and he would have lost the fight. He was already losing anyway

  5. dunmatta says:

    He leaned into the kick too so he had momentum going against it. Nasty

    • Sam Edwards says:

      @Still Smashin like I said, easier to find the free streams now than it was before he cried about it and then raised prices after his “scaretactics” Mr dana “I pay my fighters what I fucking want” white (barstool interview)

    • Still Smashin says:

      @Sam Edwards I feel you on that one. Thought you were a casual. My bad.

    • Humble Ness says:

      Got caught slipping lol

    • Sam Edwards says:

      @Still Smashin I buy for Pfl and bellator, I don’t need to line espn and Dana’s wallet. The fighters know they will be paid exactly what they are worth at other companies

    • Still Smashin says:

      @Sam Edwards if you loved the sport, you would but the ppv

  6. Narbnod says:

    I can’t help not seeing you cheering after that brutal ko and then calmly creating a quick vid being calm and informative.

  7. Father Leo says:

    This KO feels like a glitch from a parallel universe. Like in our universe this wasn’t suppose to happen but it did.

  8. SuperJijja says:

    ”head shot bang done”-leon Edwaards
    I’m happy for him well deserved truely humbled Usman and shocked the world.

  9. SirGimzALot says:

    Love MMA and I love these breakdowns. Nearly every finish has a fascinating physiological explanation. Keep it up man

    • Ag21 says:

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      17: For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

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      4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures

  10. bob jones says:

    Breakdowns like this elevate how wild and unpredictable mma can really be. Especially from fighters who are as superhuman as usman

    • Zpt 70 says:

      @Tarik I’m 30 and still get acne breakouts does that mean I’m on steroids? Lol just provide proof don’t just accuse ppl just because

    • Tarik says:

      @ishola adegoke him blatantly cheating during fights means he is lacking in morals, so ped usage would be nothing to him, 35 year old man with acne like a teenager lets get honest with our selves 😉

    • ishola adegoke says:

      @Tarik you still haven’t provided any proof.

    • Tarik says:

      @ishola adegoke funny how you defend cheats, and not just cheats in terms of banned substances but cheats in the physical rules during fights which has all the proof you want going back since his days in TUF, but why wouldn’t you morals mean nothing to you

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