What Happened To Me

What Happened To Me

Why I Left YouTube….and am I back?

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27 Responses

  1. TDBarrett says:

    Great to see you back man! ❤

  2. MarcelasHoward says:

    Happy to see you back bro! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. Zach Wilson says:

    Dude i remember coming home from school and immediately going to see if you uploaded. The amount of joy you brought me as a kid was beyond words. It’s amazing to see you come back, but don’t rush it, take your time. I don’t want to see you go through this again. I look forward to seeing future videos from you. Thank you Lost for everything that you have done for me.❤

  4. Logan Ruth says:

    I was not expecting this. I didn’t know Christmas came early this year. Greg you don’t understand how much we’ve all missed you brother. I’m sorry these couple years haven’t been the best at all for you but keep fighting man, I know things in life are tough but you have all of us here for you that’s for sure. Also we would never forget about you, hell you carried me all through middle school through the good and bad times, now it’s our time to be here for you. Greg I hope you know how awesome and grateful we are to see you again and doing what you love doing, we’re all here for it. We love you Lost♥

  5. miracleman249 says:

    Welcome back missed you homie. As a person who suffers from aniexty and depression i completely stand by what your going through sir. I was unsure about starting youtube for the same reason you were unsure about coming back for about 5 years. But videos like yours and others really helped me get over my fear and start uploading. I can’t imagine what your were going through during that dark time but just know we all come out on the other side as long as we keep moving foward with the ones that support and love us. And you got 1.7 million supporters right here by your side. We all will get through this together. Good to have you back again man can’t wait for your first video.

  6. ツ Lock Prod ™ says:

    Lnu, I don’t know if you understand but you literally carried my younger childhood. I have been watching you since 2014 and I was not expecting you to ever come back. Take all the time you need and i know this comeback bout to go down in history. Mental illness is real and about a few months ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I found out myself, and people don’t know how hard it is to express your feelings on the internet. Thank you and love u bro ❤

    • Robel Habte says:

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      Christ died for the sins of the world and The third day God raised him from the dead (Praise God). This was done so that those who believe on Christ will not perish (hell) but have life everlasting (heaven); be justified by Gods grace through redemption in Christ (John 3:16) (Romans 3:24)..

      The blood Jesus shed on the cross washes away our sin if we Believe in The Son of God and his finished work (ordained by God) on the cross. When this happens the believer receives the righteousness of Christ in place of their own unrighteousness (all sins are forgiven) and this makes them saved (going heaven) and they are born again as a Christian. (Romans 3:25-26),

    • evan colligan says:

      such facts bro

    • Hunter Aday says:


    • gluehandsgamer says:

      really moving

  7. ghetto Hokage says:

    Crazy how mature lost is now

  8. DmanUnt2014 says:

    Really good to see you’re back, man.

  9. Evan Blank says:

    Prayers up for you my guy ❤️ mental illness is no joke and to be open and talking about it is very hard to do. Happy to see you back 🙂

  10. Jonah Fraser says:

    LNU all I can say is thank you. You carried half of my childhood, and we are just so happy to see you back. Please know that we love you and we understand. Thank you for letting us know and for returning and it means so much. So, thank you and please take your time and keep safe. Thank You For Everything Greg, We Love YOU!

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