What Happened to My Nail

What Happened to My Nail

Would have rather broken my jaw than a nail tbh🥵 💅
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65 Responses

  1. Math Pi Hanan says:

    Yes! Thank you for posting this video to reassure us 💜

  2. Cilla Bean says:

    **reads title**

    Oh god, not again

  3. Charan R says:

    Cristine : do not use clippers on your long nails coz they may break
    Also Cristine: so let’s use a drill on my nails today

  4. francesca says:

    Cristine: *wouldn’t flush the toilet with her nails*

    Also cristine: *uses the drill on her nails*

    • Ashitha J says:

      @Tiffany Zhang nah it should be “don’t use tools on nails, use your nails as tools”

    • Andrea Ortega says:

      OMG shady Francesca 😂

    • Sadiyah A says:

      @Ashitha J ah, you’re right! Thanks for the notice! 🙂

    • Sadiyah A says:

      @Tiffany Zhang haha, it can be interpreted either way, I suppose! Because Simply always says, don’t use your nails as tools and Simply almost broke her nail using a tool on her nails.

    • E Huang says:

      I would not flush with my nails but I use a drill aka efile on my natural nails every 2 weeks and my nails are longer than Cristine’s 😋 Thank you YoungNails!

  5. Krishna says:

    I couldn’t believe how calm she was in the yesterday’s video after that accident!

    • SeekerEsthi says:

      You could definitely tell she was trying really hard to move forward and still be goofy afterward, but she was upsetted 😩. I’m so glad everything was ok.

    • Danielle King says:

      I could tell she was about ready to cry like she said because oh lord, how would you feel if your nails were hugely important in your life and you thought you drilled a HOLE through one of them?? Horrible !!

  6. JuMixBoox says:

    She’s not even trying to hide the unreleased products any more.

    • Hail Laure says:

      yes, as the person above said, if you go to 3:24 of the main video, you can see all the cremes lined up in holo taco bottles (only the already released pink one can you actually see the label but they’re all in identical bottles). The oil pen also obviously is an unreleased holo taco product as Cristine mentioned this in the video.

    • Laine N says:

      @jess I’m so excited for her to release the clean up brush ☺️☺️

    • jess says:

      @Laine N same !! its the one i’ve been waiting for

    • krushi bhakta says:

      @gnarly_carrly I feel like it’s the cremes as well

    • LifeInProgress says:

      @Ruth R she’s actually talked on twitter with the “super simps” about ways to make one refillable to be less wasteful. It’s been in the works for a while and she definitely hasn’t kept it under wraps

  7. Megan Casier says:

    Cristine: “protect my other hand”
    Me: “protect mY oThEr HaNd”

  8. beanie says:

    “we all know that i’m never going back to polish mountain”

    do we? do we REALLY know that? DO WE???

  9. Natty says:

    I swear when it comes to pointing out any damage on her nail Cristines eyesight improves by 1000%

  10. Leo MarBel says:

    The fact that Cristine literally almost cried off camera… She really isn’t joking about the nail funeral.

  11. Annie says:

    “What did You do today?”
    “Watched a youtuber drill her nail…”
    “Oh no, that must be awful!”
    “It is indeed terrifying”

  12. Math Pi Hanan says:

    I’ll take a dent in the nail as opposed to a hole 🙏🏻

  13. Angie D says:

    Cristine: “Don’t use your nails as tools”

    Also Cristine: *uses power tools on her nails*

  14. Madds says:

    “We don’t want an accident” five seconds prior: IS THAT MY NAIL???

  15. Math Pi Hanan says:

    I did worry about you thinking of how anxious you must’ve been up to the point of removing the polish and confirming or denying (in this case thank goodness) any damage to your nail 💜

    • Sadiyah A says:

      I know, despite never wearing nail polish and being a nail biter, the idea that Simply might need another nail funeral makes me very anxious! So this entire video just made me feel happy.

  16. Math Pi Hanan says:

    You want HOLO on your nails not a HOLE!

  17. Paula 112 says:

    cristine: “where was Ben?”
    me: “where was suzie from nail career education?”

  18. Jessie Lynne says:

    “Don’t drink the acetone.” Also, don’t spill acetone on your laptop. It’ll fuck your keyboard six ways to Sunday… or so I’m told. Definitely didn’t happen to me… noooo.

    • Paint and puzzle says:

      @Kaylene Elliott I stupidly tried to wipe up nail polish with acetone from my keyboard. Still functional but looks bad.

    • Marlana Polis says:

      I’ve ruined my TVs remote by trying to use it with my knuckles while soaking off my dip. There’s even a little bit of cotton ball residue that will NOT come off lmao. A true tragedy.

    • Alice Beilshmidt says:

      Also tea… some keys may be permanently sticky…

    • Cassy Bug says:

      Glasses, never spill it on your glasses either.

    • John DoDo Doe says:

      @Cassy Bug Especially if the lenses are made from acetate or other acetone products.

  19. Worldis aLie says:

    “Im not gonna use a drill because these are my natural nails”
    “*and we do not want an accident*”

    Here is an example of a foreshadowing kids

  20. Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl says:

    Hi dear simply…. When I remove my nail polishes the fumes from the nail polish remover hurt my eyes a lot. You already have an unresolved condition. Please be careful. I hope you feel better and get rid of this issue very soon 💕 love you and your content on all channels and podcast 💖💖💖💖

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