What Happened to Teddy? – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

What Happened to Teddy? – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Ever wonder what happened to Teddy from Trevor’s book, “Born a Crime”? Here’s your answer! #BetweenTheScenes

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45 Responses

  1. cel fox says:

    I remember reading about Teddy in his book, he didn‘t snitch✊

  2. Sara Srinivasan says:

    I read the title and thought something happened to Ted Cruz. A fleeting moment of joy.

  3. Karen Rodrigues says:

    Trevor is such a good story teller 😂😂

  4. marya _ says:

    *THEDDAY* *T H E D D A A A A Y*


    Teddy didnt even know what was happening

  6. swarna kannan says:

    Trevor is so cute!

  7. Lucky Charm says:

    TEDDY IS ALIVE Y’ALL!! Teddy is FREEEEEE!! *Dobby voice*

  8. TheCstar07 says:

    Lol kid logic, steal a candy bar =>life sentence

    • Liur says:

      completely rational when you’re in primary school lol

    • Krystof Dayne says:

      seeing as Teddy was (I assume from the story) a black kid, and this was South Africa and only shortly after Apartheid ended, so… I don’t know, maybe not a life sentence but I wouldn’t have been to suprised if he actually had landed in jail ^^’ especially if these were white cops

    • Captain stark says:

      Actually they were stealing alcoholic chocolates

    • Håkan Lundberg says:

      It’s in the old testament that you must be stoned to death agin if you steal a candy bar (or whatever). And probably also if you look at a candy bar (or whatever eatable) you do not own and feel tempted to eat it, you shall have your tongue cut out .

  9. Linda Simpson says:

    Props to Teddy, a true friend and a funny ass story.

  10. Izere Lynda says:

    O! So thats what happened to Teddy. He became a top mechanic with Audi!

  11. Roniff Richards says:

    I’m so happy that it worked out for Teddy. He is such a honorable friend.

  12. John Garcia says:

    Those personal stories make strong bond between You and audience. Great Story, thanks.

  13. Sparkle Walls says:

    I listened to his book on Audibles. Its the best because its him telling the stories. I have never laughed so hard. I loved it. Highly recommend.

    • Sparkle Walls says:

      You can download the app and subscribe for free I think for like 7 days. Someone can share a book with you one time for free also.

    • Moxie says:

      I have never felt the need to try audible even though it seemed like every single youtuber was pushing it. Today is the day. Today si the day I try Audibe, solely because I want to hear Trevor telling his stories.
      I have the paperback at home 😀 But… I want to hear Trevor! 😀

    • Sparkle Walls says:

      +Moxie I’m not much of a book reader, for me this is a way to I can enjoy it. Plus to here it in his voice you really feel like he is telling you the story in person.

    • jessi1371 says:

      I concur!! One of my favorite audible books so far!!

  14. Nicholas LaRosa says:

    Teddy the true bro. Never snitch! ✊

  15. True Black Knight says:

    Yeah this how you know your friend is a real ass friend when they don’t ran you out even to safe there self 👍🏾👍🏾

  16. tizodd6 says:

    “The camera chose white” lol @0:46

  17. Natilie E. S. says:

    Teddy: “Dude why are you crying?”
    Trevor: “I thought you went to jail for LIFE.” 😂

  18. semere andrew says:

    Trevor is the best show host ever.. i fully read this story in #BORNACRIME i am so glad to have got the end of the story which is sweet btw.

  19. Jonestainment lone wolf says:

    He might be anything but not a snitch. I love Teddy already.

  20. Alice Simon says:

    Yay! Teddy is a top mechanic, so awesome that he made good with his life too!!

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