What Happened to the LEMONS BMW?

What Happened to the LEMONS BMW?

We bought a $500 lemons e46 BMW, fixed the major problems like the mass airflow sensor and power steering pump, and then gutted the car for weight reduction and so a roll cage could be fabricated and welded in… But then the project went silent… What happened to the car? What happened at the race? Well the Lemon BMW is back and you are about to find out!

Picking our Endurance Race Car: https://youtu.be/_U5XcrifRjQ
How to Replace Power Steering Pump: https://youtu.be/04iDF3I6dTo
Complete Weight Reduction Episode: https://youtu.be/MCiNGmwopx4
Race Day: Coming next week!

Fire Suppression System: https://bit.ly/FireSuppressSystem
USA Made Tow Strap: https://raceseng.com/products/tow-straps
0-60 GPS Timer: https://amzn.to/3KYMVTk
Cool Shirt System: https://ebay.us/Un23JQ

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29 Responses

  1. ChrisFix says:

    Sorry for the lack of videos, this winter weather has been rough and filming outside has not been possible since Christmas. Hopefully you guys like the “restart” of this series and I am hoping to get the next video out next week! And then we have the quick release steering wheel video, fire suppression system install video., and battery disconnect video! As always, thanks for all the support!!! I cannot wait until it warms up just a bit! Lots of videos to make this year!

  2. Vandipranthan says:

    I was a little bit late to watch, My pic would be that blue for roll cage even though I loved the red. Waiting for the next video and hope you guys race well!

  3. Mawwalmazie says:

    So sad to see the conrod being pulled out, what matters now is the journey of effort and time you put in the car and the team as well.

    • Frrlas says:

      @Jays Reviews About al “street” engines will die this way if keept at high rpm for a longer time. you will fill the head with oil and the big end will starve out.

    • NCD2294 says:

      There’s 2 sides to a Connecting rod.
      The crankshaft side (“The Big End”), that’s where the Rod cap bolts together around the Crankshaft journal, and the Piston Pin side (“The Little End”).

      What was pulled out from the car was the top half of the Rod (The Little End). The Piston pin and Piston either stayed in the block or decorated the race track.

      The Big End likely sawed the block in half as it could rotate in any direction without the top half of the Rod & Piston to keep it in the cylinder.

    • Wagge says:

      @MrGilly Conrod and piston rod mean the exact same thing. The thing they pulled out in the video is missing the rod cap because it snapped in half due to seizing at the lower end. They pulled out a broken conrod.

    • MrGilly says:

      @Mawwalmazie I googled them but i noticed that piston rod has a rod cap with bolts.. and the one they pulled out seems like its one piece. But now I googled again and seems like they are the same thing, just installed differently. Guess I was not so wrong 😀

    • Jays Reviews says:

      @Cha How do you know

  4. Kadin Cox says:

    I definitely think the soapy wooder-esque color is the way to go. Can’t wait to see the race!

  5. MrKEMills says:

    This car brings back so many memories of my first car, a 2001 BMW 330i. It was a complete pile of shit, but man, it was fun. I regularly drove 70 in a 35 zone. I kind of miss my Beemer, but I couldn’t be happier with my F-150.

    • Jrod93 says:

      I don’t usually comment but man, what a fun car. I had an 01 325i and was just telling my fiance how badass my brother and I thought we were with that car.

  6. Jamie's Garage says:

    That cool suit system is pretty trick! I need one here in FL during normal daily driving for the summer months 😂

  7. Senior Partner says:

    I had no idea there was so much going on inside a race car. This is awesome!

  8. Mr. E Ervian Lesmana says:

    I’m really looking forward to videos on how to install a turbo in a car, and turn drum brakes into discs. but your efforts to keep making videos are commendable. keep it up my friend!!!

  9. wowsuchsad says:

    I’ve watched youfor over 4 years now, end I am still shocked at how great these videos are! Keep up the good work!

  10. Carlos Santiago Ayestas Lagunas says:

    I was really looking forward for this video! So amazing that you managed ro offset the car’s price and get no penalty laps (at least from price alone)

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