What Happened When Vader Discovered A Luke Skywalker Imposter? #shorts

What Happened When Vader Discovered A Luke Skywalker Imposter? #shorts

What happened when Vader discovered a Luke Skywalker Imposter?

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After the destruction of the death star, Luke Skywalker had become a legendary figure. At a bar, some random guy was pretending to be Luke Skywalker, using it to get free drinks and impress everyone there. He told them he was the best pilot in the galaxy, attempting to convince the crowd to employ him to do smuggling jobs. However, out of the shadows, a dark figure appeared. Towering over him, Vader asked him if he claimed the name of skywalker. Now gripped in a force choke, the man tried to explain that he wasn’t actually Luke Skywalker. He responded in a very Vader like way, telling him that by tomorrow, no one will even remember he lived. Vader then told the onlookers that anyone who claims the name of Skywalker also claims his crimes and will result in their death.

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25 Responses

  1. ikmal rizal says:

    “and when we win, no one will let you forget about it”
    – Mike Wazowski

  2. Sith Of The North says:

    That’s actually so badass. Imagine being in that bar seeing vader emerge standing behind that imposter. I’d be pulling out my camera for a viral video…

  3. Jeshua Newborn says:

    Daddy wasn’t letting the name get soiled.

  4. Jordan_Arts_Official says:

    So Vader respects his own son when he is still Darth Vader? Wow, what a great father lol

    • Rickle Pick says:

      I think it isn’t only about his son’s achievments as a jedi/rebel. The guy was tainting the Skywalker name. He showed up, maybe considering to find Luke, maybe having followed the lead on reports that someone named Skywalker was there, and finds this guy! Vader wasn’t having any of that.

    • whoosh for gay says:

      He still could have pride in the skywalker name, he didn’t vanquish the skywalker in him although he believed he did.

  5. saint-g says:

    The guy’s middle name was Sky. Full name Luke Sky Walker.

  6. Samuele Bincoletto says:

    He hated when someone else claimed his son achievements, now that’s a good dad.

  7. Akshat says:

    Man: I’m Luke Skywalker
    Vader: so you’ve chosen death

  8. WTF S4NS says:

    You didn’t even mention the best part; at the end, he said “skywalkers die.”

  9. Tasfia Zahin says:

    Vader peotecting his son’s name and achievements. What a dad!

  10. The Low ground says:

    Plot twist: vader only killed luke and made an example because he said he was the best pilot in the galaxy

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