What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

Size is the most under appreciated regulators of living things. Let us demonstrate that by throwing animals from buildings.

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What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

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20 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Youtube got kind of unreliable to notify people when we upload. So we made a Kurzgesagt Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cRUQxz – we only send out emails 1-2 a month and it is super easy to cancel.

  2. Nick Jonker says:

    But my mom said size doesn’t matter…

  3. The Ferridge says:

    The dangers of surface tension to ants… congratulations Kurzgesagt, now I have to clean up my walls, because you just blew my mind!

  4. Moonblaze Draws says:

    0:34 *looks at the top left*
    Hmmm… that looks familiar….
    (Also did you know that national honey bee day is on August 19? I’m setting a challenge to watch the Bee Movie for 24 hours straight on August 19! Are you up to the challenge?)

  5. Corey Newhard says:

    *original comment*

  6. sadvdv x says:

    If I threw my cock from the empire state building it would shatter the pavement it landed on.

  7. Xx[Beat It]xX says:

    Thanks for using the metric system, unlike those weird americans that uses miles and pounds

  8. Ique says:

    I think this episode could benefit from mentioning the square-cubed law

  9. SuicideBunny6 says:

    Oh yeah, I got a spare elephant, let’s just throw it from the nearest skyscraper. Why not bring my dog as well? I didn’t need it anymore anyway …

  10. Assassiner003 says:

    Okay but where is the reminder that our lives are pointless and we are gonna die anyway??!

  11. wales2k says:

    WW1 Soldier from 1917: “In the future, we will have flying cars and a cure for all diseases!”

  12. JAF says:

    Anyone else think they’re the only consciousness in the universe and everyone is programmed?

  13. ElyogurRos says:

    A really entertaining video <3

  14. Gerwinne Garafil says:

    so we can throw spongebob and plankton at the skyscraper? lets see if they really survived

  15. josh smith says:

    it dies

  16. Ted Chirvasiu says:

    The animations are sooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  17. NickGamer NZ says:

    *GOOD BOY*

  18. Grʌvity says:

    In it it has organ hopes and dreams ???

  19. Exocentric says:

    Your dick is so tiny that it has to swim through air when you thrust

  20. GV Rainfall says:

    A Kurzgesagt video that doesn’t end with a question that keeps me awake for nights in an endless cycle of depression, confusion, and fascination towards the universe? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE REAL KURZGESAGT?!?

    Very nice video though, looking forward to the next ones on the subject 😀 also you messed up the plural/singular in the first sentence of the description 😉

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