What Happens if you Overfill Basketball – Slow Motion

What Happens if you Overfill Basketball – Slow Motion

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20 Responses

  1. SkizzlePiano says:

    did anyone else read the title in his voice?

  2. DashaSoul l Un nuevo comienzo says:

    0:57 HitMarker

  3. 9CaMeRoN6 says:

    You should’ve tried to bounce it right before it booms, just to see what

  4. GamerKnowsBest says:

    Can i try it to someone else’s home?

  5. Aziel says:

    bring back slow mo lab?

  6. Влад Литвинко says:

    бля лучше гелием бы его наполнил и паказал будет он летать или высоко

  7. luis correia says:

    Wow, thats awesome! ?

  8. Jeremy Ng says:

    I love how the video just lags after the ball exploded

  9. Turkce Remixler says:

    Finally something that he is trying to explain BOOOM!

  10. Fernando Lopez says:

    Zombie Go Boom should over fill air inside a zombie head.

  11. Psihopat Johny says:

    Zambigobum sounds like a 12yearolds channel name..

  12. Nikdec Nebula says:

    Can you make longer videos

  13. Kev Bee says:

    rip basketball

  14. Kyrillos Ibrahim says:

    zenks gys vur fatschin cee ou necht sime

  15. MacLAone says:

    Saddest video. I love basketball:(

  16. Herrkekkington says:

    “crazy russian hacker”
    *doesnt hack*
    *isnt crazy* (not 100%)
    *uses soviet union hammer and sickle*

  17. Nadir Čajić says:

    1:31 whoa

  18. mrmarorr says:

    Welcome back to moaboratorial

  19. sk flyer says:

    boom, it teleported

  20. tactical airgunner says:

    Awesome Video!!!!!!!!!!!!