What Happens If You Put Coke Can in Liquid Nitrogen

What Happens If You Put Coke Can in Liquid Nitrogen

10 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qXSSQNS5VM&index=3&list=UUe_vXdMrHHseZ_esYUskSBw

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20 Responses

  1. Jubboo1 says:


  2. Erik Arthur Jonsson Sundblad says:

    Cut the top and then Pour liquid nitrogen and set a magnet near

  3. SpectraLyz says:

    You can eat the coke? wow!

  4. Xavier Kane says:

    “where safty is number one priowerity so we will be playing with liquid
    nitrogen” (sorry for my bad spelling)

  5. Niklas Tuber says:

    Look at this Gajeck!!!

  6. Ziegenman says:

    Where do you get liquid Nitrogen legaly from ?

  7. Rhythmicity says:

    In this video, I believe safety was, like, number 8 or 9 priority.

  8. Chris Wilson says:

    enough with the liquid nitrogen videos already

  9. nasir hussain says:

    hi plz can u make a video about nitrogen and Nutella?
    thanks alznabz

  10. Frotens says:

    What does he say at his intro, before he put his sunglasses on?

  11. YoloBausMC Plays says:

    I can’t wait to eat it ahhhh it’s stuck to my tongue XD

  12. ritul rp35 says:

    why most of the russians have men tits

  13. Saeed Mizan says:

    Where are the hacks???!!!

  14. AlfVlogs says:

    What does crazyrussianhacker do when you explode him?

    He goes Boom

  15. Pranav Deepak says:


  16. Maverick Crow says:

    i think it’s because he poured it on the can, and didn’t dip it in, usually
    when they explode they put the coke can in 2nd

  17. Prati Tamang says:

    Did he say COCAINE!

  18. Pablo Quirós says:

    I thought it was going to explode really hard

  19. PuffycloudsHD says:

    This is like ice cream ??

  20. Gracie Johnson says:

    The things you have to do to get your coke slush