What Happens If You Trap an iPhone 7 in Rubber?

What Happens If You Trap an iPhone 7 in Rubber?

So I got some silicone mold making rubber and poured it on an iPhone 7 to see if it survives after 6 hours of hardening.


Buy this blue goo:

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20 Responses

  1. ImpulseRevs says:

    What happen’s if you trap a iPhone 7 in girls pussy?

  2. Quillidex says:

    Has he ever put a phone in Gallieum

  3. Thomas Jurkunas says:

    Is this an ASMR video???

  4. kyle te says:

    And that kids is how the iPhone 5c was made

  5. mini fuzz says:

    “Now this is what you want to do.” Like seriously no one’s gonna do this so
    why does he talk like it’s a instruction video?lol

  6. Night Raiders!! says:

    Hey guys, it’s TechCunt here.

  7. EnderKid667 says:

    does anyone else think that it looks like light blue icing?

  8. David Moreno says:

    he’s narrating this like this is what people do every day

  9. MCnrd says:

    Now drop test it covered in that stuff.

  10. Bassam Hauter says:

    If I got an iPhone7 and I did that my mom would have killed me Do a video
    about can a iPhone7 survive paint ball gun. Like if you agreee??

  11. Kevin Bullock says:

    I like how he walks you through this like a tutorial like you’re going to
    do it yourself at home lol

  12. Clorox Bleach says:

    The question is, why?…..

  13. Mudd Boss says:

    is that the same stuff they make $ex toys out of?? because thats what it
    looks like

  14. Just Kynnedi says:

    Some of the things he says makes him sound so mentally slow I swear

  15. Alexis Murphy says:

    he didn’t pour the bottom right corner! bugged me so much! anyone else?

  16. Creed of Thieves says:

    You should make a case out of rubber using that

  17. adil afkar says:

    am i the only one who finds this satisfying 4:22

  18. Joey Macaroni says:

    I wonder why over 5 million people subscribe to utter degeneracy like this.

    I guess autism is extremely prevalent, never know.

  19. Jackson Pollock says:

    You sound like Tmartn had a stroke

  20. CaporalPascal says:

    “So watch you want to do is spread this around” like anyone is going to try