What Happens In One Lifetime?

What Happens In One Lifetime?

A lot can happen during your trips around the sun!
What Happens In One MINUTE? https://youtu.be/zhWDdy_5v2w
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Jodre Datu, Rachel Salt, Greg Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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94 Responses

  1. Fearing says:

    2 trillion seconds? rip

  2. jared caneal says:

    My life is gonna be spent constantly refreshing YouTube pages for new vids

  3. ThatOneEmo says:

    Sup fam

  4. INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making videos says:

    Wow that’s a lot of seconds, saliva, and sperm 😱 but I never cry though 🤔 lol

  5. Science with Katie says:

    Putting your life into days really puts it into perspective! 😬

  6. Software Man says:

    0:54 tf is that old guy on the top right holding?!


    Amazing video, 5100 steps is pretty good going! I wonder how it compares to other countries?

    • K-Tech ___ says:

      They said in the video, global average is 10 000 steps/a day

    • Umbrosa says:

      No, actually. 10,000 step is the amount typically recommended per day. They were using as a point of comparison. They said “the average adult is NOT getting their 10,000 steps”

      That said, maybe we can find some stats on google…
      Like this perhaps?
      (To summarize, the highest average by country listed there was for Hong Kong, with 6,880 steps/day.)
      Though I’d also keep in mind this is data from a specific fitness tracker app. I imagine it may be much higher in less developed countries where people have to walk a lot more and might not necessarily even use apps like that.

      It also may be much lower in people who don’t bother using a step tracking app because they don’t bother walking much, lol.

    • King Topaz says:

      I get around 20,000 to 17,000 a day and I live in Anerica

    • Alvinsland2 and figge plays says:

      you cant even spell your own country right dumbass american

    • Izaak Steeves says:

      I get in 30 000 steps a day and I’m from Canadda

  8. Travel to Infinity says:

    I am 18 but virgin 😝

  9. O XD says:

    I have cried A LOT MORE than 1745 times

  10. Gri8o says:

    Men cry on average once a month? That surprisingly high imo.

    • Rony Clay says:

      easily offended nah man, we really just don’t cry.

    • Laswer5 says:

      easily offended I don’t think that is true. For someone who finds crying a trivial thing, it might be easy to forget as it happens often, but for someone who seldom cries it would stand out

    • Tony Ravioli says:

      Crying is natural, and if anything is much healthier. Its a natural stress reliever and improves empathy. If you grow alot during a period of time, it means you’ve constantly jumped out of the comfort zone in your life which is of course a emotional rollercoaster, and will most likely turn in you crying every-so-often.

      You’re probably just going through some other problems like stalemate at growth, self-identity issues, empathy, etc or bottling it up (bottling it up also takes away YEARS from your life), because I really do HOPE you guys arent crying per 2 years. That is a sign of low-empathy, either being over-stress (and not releasing it) or being under-stress and not growing, low social skills, and etc.
      Crying is a way for others to know you’re in distress, feel empathetic, and etc in the natural human day-to-day ( and has always been. Hence it’s need in evolution)
      It”s a thing you do more often than you think, unless you have psychological problems.

      Pls stop being edgy im gonna cry.

    • Life As A Potato says:

      way too low

    • AdrianAtGaming says:

      have your entire school leave you behind, and your friends call you strangers. that will make you know how it feels

  11. iceprego486 says:

    The fact that humans spend only 7% outside is pretty sad tbh

    • Manya Goyal says:

      Andy that’s true

    • Neiro.Ferine says:

      outside is overrated,

    • SgtSupaman says:

      It isn’t that sad. That is more than an hour and a half per day on average. So for every person that spends little to no time outside on a given day, there is someone spending several hours outside. Besides, it isn’t like quality of said indoors is taken into account here in any way. Some of the time spent inside may be in a shed or garage or port-o-john. Not to mention the fact that if you have the option of relaxing for an hour or so in a recliner in your house or sitting for an hour or so in a patio chair outside (in possibly unpleasant weather), you really gain nothing from choosing to sit outside (there is nothing inherently better about being outside, generally speaking).

    • AdrianAtGaming says:

      ..it used to be 100%…

    • iceprego486 says:

      SgtSupaman, Thanks for your answer and I think that too but one of the things that worries me the most is that Kids don’t meet outside to play anymore nearly as often as in my childhood ~12 years ago. Even if it is nice weather outside they seem to play much more inside and don’t explore the wonders of nature. I mean it mostly is a western world problem but imo being in the nature is one of the basic human needs and I think one of the main reasons of being depressed is staying inside the whole day.
      For example I’m a boyscout and when I’m outside for a weak and only sleeping in tents and making my own food with fire I feel so energized and happy afterwards and one of the most beautiful thinks is laying under the clear sky and I don’t think too many people can or will experience this anymore.

  12. Mitesh fegade says:

    Really 16-17..!!

  13. Bartdb says:

    You die once a lifetime.

  14. Ckasp says:

    Men cry on average once a month? What is happening to these guys, is someone handing out adorable, terminally ill puppies for free? Sample size of one but it’s been years.

    • Life As A Potato says:

      People who think crying is for pussies and babies are honestly the dumbest people alive

    • Gopika says:

      Life As A Potato not everyone leads a happy and privileged life, you see.

    • Max Maidment says:

      yeah i agree. im pretty sure that this average is taken from people who cry daily and people who almost never cry, so averages out to once a month. which given the wording in the video is kinda misleading.

    • Cc says:

      I was thinking that I don’t cry twice a month but then I didn’t factor in emotional internet videos.

    • Maite Soto says:

      I cry a heck ton. Movies? Cry. A good book? Cry. Depression kicks in? Cry. Anxiety attack? Cry. I probably cry (or at least want to but hold it back) about four times a month. But sure having normal human emotions makes me a pussy

  15. Shudhanshu Ranjan says:

    Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

    • L Galicki Band says:

      Do you like music? 🎶 Do you like cute adorable pets? 🐶🐱 Why don’t you check my pet themed versions of famous songs? My dogs always help me out with the music and the videos, which means excessive cuteness! 😍 If you’re curious about our work, check my channel! 👍

    • Caroline M. says:

      I laughed out loud reading this. Literally. I woke up my dog.

    • Firelord Ava says:

      that memes long over

    • Armor Abs Krabs says:


    • KSSkaitlyn ;3 says:

      So, you wanna know if I can feel it? Do you really wanna know if I can feel it? Because I can feel it. You wanna know what I’m feelin’? *I’m feelin’ like a total barnacle head!*

  16. Makara Anne says:

    1745 cries?? No no, my friend. I have at least that many per year

  17. Kenza M says:

    i’m only 18 and i’m pretty sure i’ve already cried much more than 1745 times

  18. DontStalkMeBro says:

    What if I don’t have a life?

  19. sparklyclarke says:

    *Jokes on you, I cry 30 times a month*

  20. Dean Natuno says:

    *This video makes you realize* how much you wasted your lifetime.

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