What Happens To You In The Bottom Of Mariana Trench?

What Happens To You In The Bottom Of Mariana Trench?

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20 Responses

  1. tuan khoi says:

    Moana dived into the bottom of the ocean to get the heart stone. And still fine as shit!

  2. weird stuff says:

    im glad your getting on trending so much keep up the good work man

  3. Ninja Animations says:

    arnold is dying slowly. i subbed so u better do this. outline all the details for me.

  4. Sam Smith says:

    This has to be the fastest growing channel I’ve seen

  5. Thediamond dog says:

    that’s not the deepest there humans didn’t explore the ocean

  6. Clorox Bleach Lavender Scented says:

    Congrats on 1 Million! Been here since 200k

  7. Ghasty Gamer says:

    Please put Arnold in a super nova!

  8. Space Pickle says:

    Put Arnold in a lightbulb

  9. Music Tuber says:

    Arnold is a human

  10. Young Ray Prime says:

    It’s funny cuz sushi is most ly raw

  11. Snow Parrot says:

    What if Arnold lived on another planet

  12. The MLG Nightmare says:

    Send him to a neutron star

  13. Blarp Mods says:

    Are you for real on $1,000,000 for a ‘Cool advertising’

  14. MACS THE FURRY says:

    Why arnold always breaks his finger?

  15. Kubz scout if ya dont know find kn youtube Fan #1 says:

    When arnold break his finger?

  16. Bongou bongou says:

    what will happend if arnold went into the bermunda triangle?

  17. Dylan Carter says:

    Poor Arnold, always being insulted. Loved the video though!

  18. Winga_ Beez says:

    Every vid gets more fucking hilarious as u watch 😂

  19. The Archer says:

    I though all the comments in this video would be about the thumbnail with the penis shaped shark

  20. ElAdrip says:

    Sent Arnold into a big Storm

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