What Happens When Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors

What Happens When Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors

Every year we take a day to thank Dad for his undying love and guidance by giving him a new tie. Except this year, when we gave him the greatest gift of all: the truth.

Producer: Scott Rogowsky
Executive Producer: Jake Currie
Cameras: Dan Moraru, Rafael Moses
Editors: Dan Moraru, Rafael Moses
Animation: Russell Wyner
PAs: Justice Allen, Dylan Tanella
Polygraph examination provided by Dan Ribacoff (International
Investigative Group, Ltd.)

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20 Responses

  1. GM SoulRock says:

    Sooooo, when can I start expecting the unexpected?

  2. Luke Ppl says:

    Bring back expect the unexpected and what the fuck did i just *______*

  3. Muhammad Taufiq says:

    Rip amazinglife247, you were once the channel used to entertain me every
    Single time i’m bored, now idk wth happened to you. Bye.

  4. JumpyPlum9613 says:

    See you guys next holiday when whoever the fuck is running this practically
    dead channel decides to post some half-assed BuzzFeed copycat stupid shit.
    No more Expect the Unexpected or any of the good content that there used to

  5. Uriel Batres says:

    Cheating on the GED TEST. GED TEST

  6. TUGE Palermo says:

    That fat kid wit the white father is COMEDY and a great rapper his
    Instagram is @a.k.a.god

  7. dubsity280 says:

    unsubbed i think you should do the same

  8. Kuro Usagi says:

    Buzzfeed is that you?

  9. DeyCmeTrollin says:


  10. KyStride says:

    Lol GED

  11. jasonmgarcia99 says:

    Lie detectors don’t determine anything. Maybe the body shaking when
    questioned but that’s it. Would’t you have to tap into the brain to
    actually see if a person is lying? 

  12. Bryan P says:

    You cant answer lie detector tests with maybe, probably…its gotta be yes
    or no.

  13. Trolling God says:

    Are drugs completely ok now? Like everybody is doing them and no one really
    cares; I would expect the parents to be concerned at least. I guess
    D.A.R.E. isn’t going to be taught in schools anymore :/

  14. Samantha Leighton says:

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  17. Ferpsonshire says:


  18. Tactrus says:

    The polygraph guys expressions make this video what it is 

  19. Koala420 says:

    I would never do this

  20. JÜŁÏÄÑ 305 says:

    2:24 LMFAO!