What I Didn’t Show You From The Twins Birth…

What I Didn’t Show You From The Twins Birth…

Watch the twins’ birth – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enYOKw_DyQM

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29 Responses

  1. I like Pizza says:

    I can’t believe the twins are actually here! Time went by so fast.

  2. Hermetic Kitten ASMR says:

    You’re so brave and kind to be willing to share these beautiful, yet raw and unfiltered moments with us. It is impossible not to genuinely and uncontionally love you. ❤️ I was in an incubator machine when I was born, for two long weeks. I hope your babies can be with you soon ✨ Love you so much. Gorgeous soul✨

  3. Sunflowers02 says:

    That open conversation from Colleen where she was crying literally broke my heart. I was crying with her, I can’t even imagine what she was going through. Sending so much love Colleen 🤍

  4. Ivana Mendez says:

    “I left my other baby to have these babies and now I’m not with any of my children.” Cue tears. I am so sorry, Colleen. You are such a strong momma, everything will be ok.

  5. invertedtimes says:

    “To know that my babies are here in this building and not with me” broke my heart. I’m so happy you and your babies are safe. Love you Colleen <3

  6. MKH says:

    As a NICU mother too… it is so so hard, especially in those first few days. There were only 2 times a day we could see our son and if I wasn’t well enough to go at one of those times I felt absolutely awful. And once home I would look at photos and videos of my son and just cry as I pumped. But in some ways pumping milk is a good distraction and something else to focus on and I felt good being able to hand over a lot of milk to the NICU nurses. The experience may be different from a normal birth but the magical moments are just delayed. Bringing my son home a month later was one of the best days, like total euphoria. And I was healed and feeling good.

    Now being pregnant again and being 32 weeks, seeing your babies and knowing how my son looked when he was born at 33 weeks… it blows my mind that this fully formed baby is inside me right me. Hoping she stays in longer than him, but also mind blowing that with today’s technology she would be okay if she came out now.

    • Rebecca O'Sullivan says:

      Oh my gosh I am so sorry! My son was born at 30 weeks, but I was lucky enough that they let me see him as much as I wanted. I had almost no milk and got a lot of judgement from the nurses…

    • Mayaeggy Pug says:

      Don’t worry Colleen your not alone in this world many people have experienced the same way you feel I know it’s hard when babies are in the nicu and you are strong and you are never ever alone once again and you’re strong and you’ll be just fine and once you are totally healed you are totally going to bond with your cuties in no time

    • Julia S says:

      @Rebecca O’Sullivan that’s terrible. There is no right way to get your baby milk. Fed is best. Youre a good mom.

    • Mayaeggy Pug says:

      @Julia S wow seems like all mothers have had hard experiences well I hope you are not alone in this world and don’t worry like I said in the comment section you will bond with your baby in no time weather it’s twins like boy and boy girl and girl or boy and a girl or one baby like a boy or girl plus every mom experienced ups and downs like this c-section so you’re not alone don’t think that you’re alone because one day once you get back home from the hospital you’ll be bonding with your baby and spending time with your baby

    • Shaquille Oatmeal 777 says:

      My mother just gave birth and went through the same thing

  7. alexandraslking says:

    My second son was born Feb of 2019 and was having trouble with his heart rate and breathing and was in the NICU for 10 days. We left the hospital once to run home and slept on the couches at the hospital after I was discharged. I was completely beside myself worried sick he was never going to leave. He wasn’t as bad as the other babies in the NICU and he wasn’t premature but it wasn’t any less scary and heartbreaking to endure. You will all be home and together in time. Just focus on recovering from your c section and visit every day for as long as you can. I’m sorry you’re not experiencing a smoother birth and recovery like with Flynn.

  8. Kali Taylor says:

    From one c-section mama to another- you’re not alone. Your feelings are valid. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! And also, don’t run from your feelings. I know it hurts, but you have to allow yourself to feel it. You’re doing amazing. Love you superwoman! ❤️❤️

  9. Caeli-Rose White says:

    “Saying you can’t be sad, because it could always be worse, is like saying you can’t be happy, because it could always be better”

    Hang in there momma. You’ve GOT this.

  10. samanthalyn1999 says:

    “i left my other baby to come have these babies, and now i’m not with any of my children” just broke my heart. i am not a mom yet, i can’t even imagine the pain of this, it has got to be one of the most painful things u can go through as a mom, my heart goes out for you, your heartache and sadness is completely valid and you are so supported in this community, we love you colleen❤️

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