What I Missed While I Was in Rehab with Shane Dawson!!

What I Missed While I Was in Rehab with Shane Dawson!!

Thank you so much Shane for being in this video and teaching me all the tea I missed!!
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/Shane
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/shanedawson
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/shanedawson

Check out the video Shane did with me on his channel!! I’m SO happy to be apart of it and he’s the best. So glad we could make something with a positive message that I really hope helps other people going through similar things.

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61 Responses

  1. Eugenia Cooney says:

    Thank you so much Shane for being in this video and spilling all the tea to me!!! You’re the best!! http://www.youtube.com/Shane

  2. Arica B. Alien says:

    Shane describing the Annaooop meme ( idk how to spell the damn noise ? ) is everything ??

  3. Bear says:

    I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing at, “hey you just enjoyed your m&ms in the store” lmaaaoooo

  4. Eric Champlin says:

    It makes my heart happy to see how well Eugenia is doing now 🙂

    • kyrr 7 says:

      @Lady B can you just appreciate someone’s effort and shut your god damn mouth.?

    • BossWafflez says:

      @kyrr 7 Shut up athiest

    • Lady B says:

      @kyrr 7 you are the friend that would give a suicidal friend the razor huh? I call BS when I see it. Not sure if it is because you are young, inexperienced, or ignorant but one involuntary trip to inpatient is NOT going to miraculously fix her issues. By ignoring the underlying issues, you are enabling the behaviour to continue. And not only are you enabling the behaviour but supporting it, which can be just as harmful for her mental health. Her mother and her “fans” complacency is doing this girl no favors.

    • anna perez says:

      She’s getting better, but she’s still in recovery. But you’re right she looks better

    • Jooyoung Kang says:

      Lady B I knew an onision fan would pop in here sooner or later. For the love of god. Telling someone that they are consistently ill and deteriorating, doesn’t help out anyone in the long run. In fact it causes people to relapse and repress their urges to feel better.

  5. sørrowful tears says:

    Shane: What was the craziest thing that happened the last month

    Me: *cough* AREA 51 RAID *cough*

  6. Herzleeya Heaven says:

    If Garret wasn’t gay, I would ship you to him. But you can be BESTFRIENDS!!!

  7. DC Whaaat says:

    I could watch these two together forever. However please introduce Garrett to Eugenia!!!

  8. Maddie Boggs says:

    just watching this girl interact with Shane, seems like the purest soul on this earth.

  9. Erika B. says:

    I would watch the H out of a Eugenia and Shane in Japan video series. Yassss!

  10. Amy Pennebacker says:

    Can we make this a new era of positivity on Eugenia’s channel? I’d love it if she had a safe place to blossom.

  11. babygirl06 says:

    She reminds me of a 2014 YouTuber, back when youtube was layed back and chill

  12. Jojo the Bro Bro says:

    17 wholesome minutes of tea..

    sign me up biotch ✌️

  13. Kate-Lynn Reavley says:

    *Eugenia Cooney accidentally hits Shane*

  14. ItsMe Dee says:

    You two really need to start the Positivi-tea channel! Great chemistry talking together and both of you are so sweet.

  15. Brianne Bevans says:

    I’d wanna ship Eugenia with not necessarily Phil, but a Phil Lester-type of dude

  16. Mo Wuggets says:

    1:51 wow I thought he was talking about the Jonas brothers and my chemical romance

  17. emily grace says:

    she’s so well spoken now and smiling more, i’m so proud of her?❤️

  18. Leah Lilly says:

    Eugenia: I haven’t heard ANYTHING about the Jaclyn Hill lipstick
    Shane: And I-OOP!

  19. YosoY Yose says:

    Shane forgot something important! That HE GOT ENGAGED! ??

  20. M says:

    literally not a single soul:
    Eugenia: i’m sure they’re a nice person <3

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