What If All Advertisement Disappears?

What If All Advertisement Disappears?

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92 Responses

  1. Nidhi Goyal says:

    I know you are giving a very wise answer to all those who complain about war robot ads. I am not against it but please listen. If I want to watch your typical 3 min long video I have to watch an ad before your video and a 40 sec long robot ad in the video.
    I totally understand the need of advertisement for you. But all I want to say is please increase the duration of your videos or decrease the length of advertisement (if possible). And instead of animating war robots you can just show it’s gameplay it will save your time

    • Nidhi Goyal says:

      FreeYolow 0-0 yes I do know how long it takes to animate. And I know that it’s not my cup of tea. I can’t do it so I don’t have any subscriber. I have a huge respect for every single animator. The task is difficult as hell. So that’s why I said that he can increase the duration *if possible* But he gotta do it some day now that he is about to cross 2M subs.

    • Nidhi Goyal says:

      M M Thanks a lot buddy. I respect your comment

    • Dyliax says:

      Ok but most people i know use adblock so the first ad doesn’t appear ;(

    • Nidhi Goyal says:

      Dyliax Adblocker doesn’t work on YouTube app. The only way for app is to use YouTube Red

    • Cxtz //Free Intros says:

      Nidhi Goyal It depends on how much U have to animate. Some seconds take 2 hours and some 20 minutes

  2. silvershadow says:

    *gets an ad on this video*

  3. ItzJackFrost14 says:

    I cant believe they read comments. 😂😂😂

  4. Sonia's Way says:

    This is what I’m gonna show people who hate on me for self promoting…as if people will know about my work in their dream.

  5. codeman7055 says:

    Gotta love how arrogant and self-righteous this guy is, he knows little about actual fact and yet still people for some odd reason believe his lies, oh wait that’s to be expected since the world is in the same vote.

    • CryoFrostRS says:

      codeman7055 I love how pathetic you are from calling this guy “arrogant” when he calmly explains the ads.

    • CryoFrostRS says:

      xXAYIE’S ALPHA ACTIVEXx Xchannelx Well said man.

    • Zlemoxi CIC says:

      Richard Lange Yes it does

    • Ashley Knapp says:

      wow so nasty. I know id avoid at a party and it wouldnt be the animator, itd be you. you come off way worse and snottier than he does even when hes advocating for a deeply unpopular stance. thats like some socially incompetent magic right there, its almost amazing how unlikable you made yourself in just a few sentences.

    • *Z U C C* says:

      FATALITY 666 he is also the YouTuber on riddle and if you pay attention carefully, most of his facts are proven wrong (like the “what will happen if the sun goes out in one day), and some of the facts that are correct are just simple common sense (which a lot of people dont have).

  6. Daan Klein says:

    I still hate ads

  7. Ez - Basic PH says:

    Wow arnlod first time didnot lost his finger

  8. LEGEND 25 says:


  9. Zamin Hussain says:

    I Haaaaate Ads

  10. KingOfRaptors132 says:

    It will be great if they dissapear cuz of my phone. Ads automaticly Open google chrome and shows me some ads or it shows the porn also it force me to install iq option but i dont want. Can someone please help me also it says that i have viruses and i have 5 mins or else something will happen but if i click clear viruses it shows me i need to send a message but its virus pls help me i cant ignore it

    • RageCreator 2996 says:

      KingOfRaptors132 Sounds like you’ve got a Trojan on your hands. If your performance is slow offline, that likely means that your computer is currently the site of a Trojan that is trying to get your information. My recommendation is that you look through your computer files and find any that you don’t remember installing. If it looks suspicious, it probably is, so think about deleting it. If all else fails, or you are afraid to do that, take it to a computer shop or a tech savvy friend. I can guarantee you that if you take it to a shop, the person working there won’t give a damn about what he/she finds on it. We’ve seen so much that it doesn’t phase is anymore. It might be a bit pricey, but remember that somebody has to manually go through your computer and search for anything abnormal to fix a problem for you, so remember to be understanding.

    • Nickspencer Fishing rod :D says:

      RageCreator 2996 Why would someone take your information tho.

    • Atiagooq says:

      You should do a full reboot of your phone to get rid of the ads showing up

    • InjuredShrek666Productions says:

      Nickspencer Fishing rod 😀 Credit Card Numbers boi

    • 2Spooky4Tim says:

      Nickspencer Fishing rod 😀 Because they can get your passwords to paypal or something and spend it for themselves

  11. RandomYoutube Commenter/Fan says:

    Ads are okay to me

    Just as long as I can skip it

  12. Mike Wible says:

    I wonder how people managed in the 1900s to 1940s without advertising all over the place? Right, people actually went out and did things, walked around, shopped, man what an awful way to live.

    • Drago Ivan Lasić says:

      I’d rather be in a store behind an old lady who has 100 coupons rather than waiting for advertisements…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎

    • Issa Knife says:

      Mike Wible How is it sad? It’s amazing how far technology has come!

    • Cyrsclin says:

      Mike Wible I can list off 5 reasons why we need technology. Also, aren’t you in your phone right now, responding to these comments?

    • Muh PC says:

      Advertising existed since selling things existed products are talked about so people buy it, not a big deal. Most people live the way you describe of going out, not everyone will and it’s silly to be condescending and snarky instead of educational and respectful. Research as well prior to making odd statements.

    • TheDude 24 says:

      Doctor ChatterIsn’tHereToday Newsletters, radio broadcasts, later televisions.

  13. Cool Man says:

    Bro I don’t care what people call me but I like watching Arnold

  14. Eysel d' Mont says:

    For those who says “If I want a service I’ll Google it”. Well , Ads are Google’s main source of income therefore also for YouTube, and they need to store videos somewhere, and having those data centers is not cheap (also they need to pay their employees).
    So if they don’t have Ads then you couldn’t enjoy a free Google/YouTube, you would need to pay a subscription or something so you can use it.

    Also content creators want to give their fans better content, and in this case with Meet Arnold, making good animations is not something that you can do quickly, so they need to invest their time on these animations to give you better quality content. If they had a “real job” as some people says, they would need to waste their time in that job instead of making animations, so you would have shitty videos (and it’s something that some of you would complain about anyways)

    So unless someone with a big heart gives them money so they won’t have to worry about bringing food to their table and paying taxes they need ads so they can make a living of what they enjoy doing, and giving you better content.

    Pd: Sorry if my English is bad, it’s just not my first language, so I hope you guys can understand what I tried to explain :3

    Have a nice day or night or whatever…

    • Chuck Ky says:

      Eysel d’ Mont nice essay

    • Ashley Knapp says:

      Yeah a lot of the times when people complain its because theyre ignorant how systems work. Since most people are ignorant about most things, they get a ton of agreement from other ignorant people ( making them think they are right and onto something ) while the few who actually understand the system ignore the complainers because the masses suggestions are unworkable.

  15. kpk creations says:


  16. Lil Nigga says:

    Is this video a ad?

  17. TOMOKIN / Ryota Tomogane says:

    I don’t like ads on youtube. But, I’m Japanese Youtuber, So I need to put in on my channel. If I don’t get it, I can’t live any more😱

  18. Skaar says:

    Lmao they actually read and comments! I commented “Meet War Robots” on the last two videos lol

  19. Jay Jansen says:

    *installs adblock*

  20. crankat says:

    i will be so happy.

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