What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

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What would happen if every single human from the entire history of our species suddenly came back to life today? How many people would there be, what would they look like as a group and how would it affect society? It’s an absurd question, but it’s still an interesting one to try and answer!

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20 Responses

  1. Sword of God says:

    My dad back! it is dream only ??

  2. Asto Done says:

    Hitler would respawn, but all of his progress would be erased and he’d throw his controller at his monitor out of rage.

  3. Destroyer Willy says:

    If George Washington came back to life today, would probably facepalm from how fucked up his country became

  4. SparkH3X says:

    the reason its 51% male and 49% female is because you can’t just have it be exactly 50 50 xD
    That’s rare.

  5. RIPHunter says:

    i wish i could bring back my mum

  6. Saren Areth says:

    We could then gather up all the world´s most genius people and have them propel humanity towards the future 😀
    Einstein, Tesla, Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Nietzsche, Aristotele, John von Neumann, Karl Friedrich Gauss, Huygens, Laplace, Ibn Al-Hazen, Zhou Bangxin, (add more!)

  7. 713 Pythoner says:

    so many people,but i’m still…single

  8. UserName_786 says:

    *So many famous people would come back like*
    Isaac Newton. Adolf Hitler. Sir Edmund Hillary. John F. Kennedy. Genghis khan. Vladimir Lenin. Jesus. George Washington. Alexander the Great. Julius Caesar. Paul Walker. Albert Einstein. Leonardo da Vinci. Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. Louis XVI of France. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Michelangelo. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Marilyn Monroe. Abraham Lincoln. Mother Teresa. Christopher Columbus. Muhammad ali. Queen Victoria. Thomas Edison. Walt Disney. a bunch of cave men. Aeschylus. Lord Buddha. Plato. Muhammad. Akbar. William Shakespeare. Charles Darwin. Martin Luther. Ludwig Von Beethoven. Oliver Cromwell. Ali. Leonidas of Sparta. Minamoto Musashi. Richard the Lionheart. Xiahou Dun. Spartacus. Nikola Tesla. etc…

    *Just imagine them trying to fit into our world today :O Isaac Newton meeting Albert Einstein. George Washington meeting Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln. Spartacus vs Genghis Khan. Jesus meeting Lord Buddha. there would also be a LOT of slaves walking around.. it would be chaos you would have a roman army sitting in the football stadium thinking its a theatre like they had. Every President in american history sitting in a train. Hitler walking around casualy. Zulu warriors meeting the Islanders/ Maoris. Greeks trying to drive a car xD. Leonardo, Michelangelo playing Black Ops 2. Elvis presley meeting Justin Bieber. Roman Gladiators meeting todays soldiers. William Shakespeare having a cup of tea with dwayne johnson.*

    you get the point xD it would be so cool to see all these famous People. but a little dangerous aswell. because back then i don’t think it was illegal to kill so… yea.

    P.S. this took forever 🙂

  9. Colinz2 Gamming says:

    then everybody would die right away because of all the diseases then we would have tons of dead bodies good thinking

  10. wales2k says:

    *George Washington comes back to life*

  11. Kim-Jong Un says:

    Noooo don’t bring back my brother

  12. AppleChevon says:

    Imagine Hitler seeing all the Jews he killed.
    “I’ll kill you all again”

  13. Leo V says:

    “Palestine” * jews triggered *

  14. Bunillacakes says:

    just imagine if Hitler was revived with his army
    That is a nightmare

  15. Astrolightning00 says:

    Death is just as much of a necessity for humanity as Birth.

  16. All Yall Are Gay says:

    Alexander Hamilton would be alive that’s a win

  17. Justin L. says:

    wait wait wait, so you’re telling me that Earth can only support 10 billion people, and by 2050 we are probably going to be around that many? Welp, my retirement plan just went out the window, now my retirement plan is to starve to death

  18. New Soviet Empire says:

    The walking dead but nobody is dead.

  19. fidel catsro says:

    Wow  at least 110 billion people will face judgment from God…

  20. IDubbbzTV says:

    tupac and biggie.

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