What if Quicksilver Ran Past You?

What if Quicksilver Ran Past You?

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Basics of Aerothermodynamics

Interstellar Shock Waves

Critical Point (Thermodynamics)

Analyzing Sonic Boom Footprints

Sonic Boom (Because of Quicksilver’s mach cone angle, the shock wave would trail behind him not creating a very large noise – take this image but replace the shockwave with the visual in the video)


Speed of Push is the Speed of Sound (How Much Does a Shadow Weigh)

Human Eye & FOV (Can We See the ISS with the Naked Eye?)

BONUS FACT: The air resistance acting on Quicksilver would be the same as dragging half a blue whale behind him. He’d be burning the energy equivalent of 30% of what the Space Shuttle used to launch into orbit.


Written, Directed, Edited & Hosted by Jake Roper

VFX and Cinematography by Eric Langlay

Detective Matthew “Baby Snake” Santoro played by Matthew Santoro

Gonzo performed by David Goelz

Rizzo and Beaker performed by Steve Whitmire

Constantine performed by Matt Vogel

Muppets Script Advisor: Jim Lewis

Physics Advisor: Dr. Martin Archer (http://twitter.com/martinarcher)

Camera Operator: Justin Teichen

1st Assistant Camera: Dylan Cashbaugh

Sound Recordist: Matt Thompson

Sound Designer: Jay Pellizzi

BTS Producer: Vanessa Hill

Production Assistant: Josh Salisbury

Special Thanks to Kris Eber, Samantha Friedman, Mike Zwahlen, Michael Watson, Disney, The Muppets, YouTube Space LA, Man With a Cam, Dan Borrero, Nathan Kitada, Lucy Kitada, Kimberly Wiethorn, David Dangler, Michael Hundgen, Courtney Chow, Mahin Ibrahim, and thank YOU for watching.


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20 Responses

  1. David Poa says:

    That was totally wicked 

  2. AbZ LaZo says:

    I dont like muppets.

  3. Kevin McMackin says:

    But kermit tho!

  4. sergio alcala says:

    The flash can run faster than the speed of light.
    Why not do him instead of the shitty knockoff marvel version of him?

  5. Jay Mains says:

    This is actully so cool, you got famous charatures to appaer of your show,
    i relised that since i subscribed to now you have slowly been getting
    fancier and fancier videos, the quality has been improving as well as the
    scale of them. Now however this is a new turning point.

  6. boodabill says:

    Stop moving your hands so much god dang 

  7. botanbutton says:

    This was amazing. 😀 I smiled the whole time.

  8. videomissionary says:

    fantastic episode! 

  9. Marc Marcher says:

    what if his skill is to slow down time as he move instead of running faster?

  10. Seun Sofowora says:

    The muppets ruined it for me

  11. Cara Bonnes says:

    I thought that was really good though I did watch Matthew’s channel first
    so that was a let down well u didn’t do anything it was my fault but thanks
    to matts video he did on the comic superheroes based on real people that I
    just watched so I just subscribed to your channel I think your videos are
    AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ben3feathers says:

    This video was very well done. I loved it. Definitely subscribing. Thank
    you, Matt Santoro.

  13. Legendsofcabal says:

    What a video! Phew! Blew me right out of my seat like if Quicksilver was
    whizzing past from me 100 feet away!

  14. victor bautista says:

    this is quality

  15. Miss Nincompoop says:

    That’s a good looking team

  16. Diogo Yoshida says:

    Great job dude!!!

  17. PANCAKES !!! says:

    IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jmmyzable says:

    Ha matpat

  19. Enleo Dahal says:

    this channel is getting better and better.

  20. Humdrum says:

    I’d hate to see what would happen if The Flash ran past you. ._.