What if the Moon Crashes into Earth? – Real Physics (Mostly)

What if the Moon Crashes into Earth? – Real Physics (Mostly)

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Today we are answering an age-old very scientific and important question: What if the moon crashes into earth? It’s more interesting and weird than you probably think. Let’s start with the basics: Why isn’t the Moon on its way to crash into us already?

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27 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Visit https://brilliant.org/nutshell/ to get started learning STEM for free, and the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium subscription.

  2. Deirenne says:

    “According to science, the Moon is big and very massive”
    Spoken like a true master of sciencing 💜

    • Anthony demons Siller runb4ME says:

      @Duck Song Fans because the moon runs on a 28.3 day cycle not 27. Your hands are a perfect lunar calender. Hold the open facing south one night. With fingers spread and thumb connecting to thumb. You fingers and knuckle will tell you what phase the moon is in what degree what time of night and the postuon of the moon. Before science was astrology/witchcraft. People used to be condemed and burned at the stake for such things

    • Finnchen says:

      just like your mom

    • SuPeRBoB2701 says:

      was just about 2 say, that´s my favorite Kurzgesagt line EVER

    • Dunno says:

      Moon’s big

    • JetstreamGW says:

      But are they *licensed* scienticians? 😛

  3. Travis Dunlap says:

    I was very surprised that this is actually survivable! I mean, obviously for only a fraction of people, but the fact it doesn’t necessarily just rip the earth to pieces is still really interesting.

  4. Gustavo Magalhães says:

    Man, how can Steve Taylor convey so many emotions in a so stable voice, gets me thinking from “Haha very funny” to “That’s terrifying”. Love the channel, congrats to all.

  5. Robburitto says:

    This channel is basically “Want to be terrified, have an existential crisis, and have the impossibly massive weight of the universe be put into perspective just for you to think you’re a bit smarter?” and we all say yes

  6. Whimsical Stray says:

    What about the moon’s gravity affecting the movement of the ash clouds from all the super volcanoes? As it starts moving around the Earth faster than the Earth spins, wouldn’t that cause extreme storms in the suspended ash in the atmosphere?

    I guess the ash could have been lessened by the giant tidal wave of the ocean, constantly drowning the erupting volcanoes.

    • KNAB says:

      The earths atmosphere operates on it’s own. Mostly because Cold air and Hot air doesn’t like to mix. The moon wouldn’t effect it at all.

  7. sottozen says:

    A little too high a price to pay in order to have a view like Saturn! Loved this one so much!

  8. Aguineu says:

    Majora’s Mask references I found:

    1:56 – Moon and Majora’s Mask

    2:00 – Hylian text on
    > Top left: Lakeside on a duck.
    > Top right: Malicious summer.
    > Bottom left: Fall from the salmo device
    > Bottom right: Namikawa Shi 7th term and Osamu’s older brother

    The card itself is a reference of the screen “Dawn of [First-Second-Third] day” in Majora’s Mask.
    Also, there’s hylian text on the top which translates as: “Back belt fate apocalypse” (I don’t know how accurate this is though, Google translated from Japanese to English)
    There’s an ocarina song on the bottom: Song of Storms.


    The card is the same as the previous one, the top text also translates as “Back belt fate apocalypse”
    Song on the bottom: New Wave Bossa Nova.

    The same card again, with the same text on top.
    Song on the bottom: Nocturne of Shadow

    The same card again, with the same text on top.
    Song on the bottom: Song of double time.

    The same card again, with the same text on top.
    Song on the bottom: Oath to order

    Background song sounds similar to Oath to order.

    The card becomes now white. This is a reference to the screen “Dawn of a New Day” in Majora’s Mask, that only is shown when you beat the game or when you do the 4th day glitch.
    Song on the bottom: Oath to order (Again)

  9. SeSSioN says:

    9:00 Can we just admire for moment *one of the first 3D illustrations shown by Kurzgesagt* on their channel and how amazing it is!

  10. person woman man camera tv says:

    Between the Midaspocalypse and this, I am loving this series of magical apocalypses grounded in science. How much more amazing would global disaster movies be if directors hired researchers to work out the mathematics and built a plot around their findings? They could even put “based on true science” in the beginning, like an even more credible version of “based on true events.”

    PS: I love my minimalist posters and my Wormhole World shirt. I can’t wait for the preoder on the black hole/white hole plushie, I missed it the first time around!

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