What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

What If We Detonated All Nuclear Bombs at Once?

Sources: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesallthebombs/

What happens if make a huge pile from all 15,000 nuclear bombs and pull the trigger? And what happens if we make an even bigger pile?

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66 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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    This is also were all the technical stuff goes that sometimes is a bit dry. We want to improve that though. Reading our sources should be fun. For that it would be great to get your thoughts and input.

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  2. Werewolf Therewolf says:

    4:44 I completely lost it. Woke up my dad from laughing so hard. I tried to explain why but I was laughing too hard trying to explain why a vaporized bird caused me to start laugh/crying that it probably came out indecipherable. Tears are still on my cheeks and I feel like I just did stomach crunches

  3. Chanceral says:



  4. Free De la Hoya says:

    This is probably the most interesting video I ever watched

  5. Bobby Barron says:

    Supporting message for the YouTube algorithm.
    Please disregard.

  6. Samuel Lozano says:

    South Americans be like:
    Wait, we aren’t supposed to die.

    *Edit:* wow, 100 likes in 41 minutes, thank you people.

    • Gus p says:

      Actually yeah south america is probably pretty safe during a nuclear war while mayor world powers nuke each other there is no real reason to nuke us

    • Pouffy Tiger says:

      Rocket man

    • O O says:

      Hello High because your continent keeps electing idiots.

    • Samuel Lozano says:

      +O O Then we need a REVOLUTION!

    • Diego C. says:

      South America is nuclear-weapon-free and, with the exception of Venezuela, all countries get along relatively well and none is militaristic. As far as war or major conflicts, I’d say it’s just about the safest region. Personal safety (crime, etc.) is a different matter, but that’s not the subject here.

  7. Bazsik says:

    but you didn’t mention what would happen to earth’s orbit around the sun.

    • Mr. Shadow says:

      Absolutely nothing serious would happen
      The Earth would move, like, 1-2 meters at most

    • Raider Fox says:

      In a word, nothing.

    • Pedro M-12013 says:

      That’s true considering that some material leaves earth and changes the mass. I feel the day and night cycle might change resulting in different temperatures and areas that used to be forest could be dessert, but as the video said it doesn’t mattet if it does happen cause we have to survive that first

    • mlc449 says:

      Nothing whatsoever would happen since you’re moving energy within the Earth sphere. There’s no net gain/loss in energy.

      Kurzgesagt answered this question before with its Marianas Trench video.

    • mlc449 says:

      +Mr. Shadow Not even a few metres since energy is being displaced within Earth. It’s simple physics, you need to bring in an *external* source of energy from outside Earth like a really large asteroid or moon to affect Earth’s orbit.

      A useful analogy is blowing on a sailing boat and expecting it to move.

  8. Eduardo Miguel Trindade Vicente says:

    1:34 NOOO WHY AT AMAZON FLOREST!! I LIVE IN BRAZIL ;-; i dont want to die oof.

    • zqfmgb123 says:

      They probably chose the Amazon Forest because all of the burning trees creates the worst possible nuclear winter. Nuclear winter means colder temperatures and little to no sunlight, which means survivors can’t grow plants/food. No plants/food means all animals including people will die.

    • Eduardo Miguel Trindade Vicente says:

      +zqfmgb123 i think its that, but still DONT EXPLODE ALL NUCLEAR BOMBS HERE IN AMAZON FLOREST PLOZ WORLD!!! i dont wanna die.

  9. S S says:

    We don’t need these, unless…
    *Zombie Apocalypse*
    *Alien Invasion*
    *Ten Tails Jinchuuriki*

  10. ShadowStringer02 says:

    “Bedrock would be vaporized instantly…”

    Minecraft Survival Players: “Check DMs it’s important”

  11. S S says:

    Doomsday preppers might survive for another generation, I’ve seen them create some wild shit

  12. The Man Dude says:

    This is #4 on trending

    I’m so proud of this community

  13. Bhargavi Suhas says:

    *Humans:* let’s pile all our nuclear bombs and blow up to show the nature who is the boss!
    *Nature:* Challenge accepted!
    _The entire life on Earth extincts including humans_
    *Nature:* Ha ha! Told you!
    *Future life:* Finds plastic used by humans!
    *Nature:* OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! I lose. _bows down_

  14. Victor Molina says:

    Nice Fallout references, Kurzgesagt. It makes me happy for some reason.

    (The T-45d Power Armor helmet and the Vault blast door)

    Heh, there’s also a Cast Away reference. Noice.

    Update: Aww, I can’t seem to find a single comment that mentions the references.

  15. Andy Chamberlain Music says:

    I think the biggest takeaway here is that even if we amassed all the uranium in the entire earth, it would only be *on par* with a space rock.

    Space rocks are crazy man

    • zqfmgb123 says:

      Kinetic energy from stellar impacts are crazy.

    • Menthols says:

      That’s only when considering the damage from impact though, the really dangerous part(for humans), is the hundreds of years of radiation afterwards.

      But yeah, in terms of explosive power, space rocks are scary as hell. We need to come up with better ways of detecting and countering rogue asteroids, or were most likely doomed at some point.

    • Michael Hollinger says:

      Menthols That’s exactly how NDT would like to see the Space Force (or currently the Air Force Space Command) develop into. Watched him talk about it on Joe Rogan. A Space Force to clean-up the junk in atmosphere as well as detect and defend from space rocks. Currently, Tyson states space to space warfare would not be possible without technology and understanding of physics. He also pointed out a treaty that requires peace among all nations in space yet he thinks that only goes so far because we need to learn to have peace on Earth before ever thinking peace in Space would be a reality.

  16. Maxime Daniel says:

    “that could lower earth’s temperature a few degrees for a few years”
    This is THE solution for global warming

  17. Guy Gai Ma boi says:

    I’m genuinely amazed and very scared.
    Thank you very much for the informative video.
    Now excuse me, I’m gonna go cry in a corner and get to work on my deep-sea nuclear bunker.

  18. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    (reads nuclear)

    Kim Jong un: **happiness noises**

  19. Too Long Didn't Watch says:

    no one:

    kerzgesagt: you guys have asked us a very important scientific question repeatedly. Here’s a video about bombs.

  20. Argamis (SilverComet) says:

    We Did it Reddit!
    -> We finally got the BACKSTORY of the Sapient Birds from Kurzgesagt!

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