What If You Only Drank Soda?

What If You Only Drank Soda?

The effect that pop has on your body!
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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
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20 Responses

  1. Jose Severino says:

    8 glasses of water
    why there is no proof for this

  2. Gordon Lee says:

    Great, another ASAP Science video telling me I’m living my life wrong.

  3. skittles&piiie says:

    I have drank 3 diet cokes a day for the past 4 months and tbh I feel the
    same but when I don’t drink it I kinda get anxious and moody and my brain
    keeps telling me I need it so that can’t be good

  4. Lori Butler says:

    For an unknown reason, I lost nearly 100lbs while drinking more than two
    liters of Coke per day. Then I gave the cola up and lost almost 150lbs
    more…(I now apparently have a problem with Diet Mt. Dew.) Thank you for
    your informative video!

  5. BigGeekEmpire says:

    This is why I don’t drink soda anymore. Haven’t drank it since I was a
    teen. If I ever need a soda fix I get a diet and that’s once in a blue moon
    and still ain’t good for you. Soda is so bad for you it’s a turn off if I
    see a girl drink soda. It’s like seeing someone smoke a cigarette now.

  6. JMan says:

    I’m glad I’m allergic to soda :D

  7. IstasPumaNevada says:

    Last I checked, the U.S. spends an amount equivalent to NASA’s yearly
    budget on soft drinks (soda, energy drinks, etc) every few months. Who
    wants to drink water instead and put some astronauts on Mars? I know I do.

  8. ZeoViolet says:

    I gave up soda eight years ago and don’t miss it. I made the decision back
    then to go cold turkey, as every time I drank it, I’d suffer a lot of
    abdominal pain and…well, you get the idea. I immediately lost ten pounds
    and suffered six weeks of headaches from caffeine withdrawal, but then I
    didn’t miss it anymore. I only drink it around twice a year now, on very
    special occasions. I never drank coffee or tea already as I hate both of
    them, so now I have about zero tolerance for caffeine. A few years ago I
    once tried one of those five-hour energy shots. I fainted! I assume the
    fact it was too much to handle when I have no tolerance was the cause. I
    won’t go near energy drinks either for this reason.

    PS…tooth decay. Oh my gosh YES! Most of my cavities were inflicted by all
    that soda years ago. They have all been filled now and that’s a good thing,
    but yes. It will ruin your teeth!

  9. Crystal Le says:

    What causes butterflies?

  10. Rey Cerenil says:

    drinking pop right now…

  11. CrazyPanda! says:

    You’d die.

  12. RebeccaKouba11 says:

    I should really cut back on soda. :/

  13. Scotty Heffernan says:

    Well this is all I drink any way.. oh no

  14. Lorelei Watson says:

    Why would you drink 2l of soda a day!?

  15. Jackey Carkey Housekey says:

    I know I drink a lot of soda, but I actually don’t eat much so I’ve never
    had a weight problem because of it. I have started drinking water because I
    noticed I was drinking way too much, even though I actually hate water >.< I couldn't completely drop soda from my diet though, I'm too weak xD

  16. John Yakub says:

    is Canada dry a soda?

  17. Henry .LT says:

    I gained 15 pounds this last year when i started to drink coke again =(
    Now im on a lowkey diet so im okay for now

  18. Lani Monique says:

    All I drink is Coke. Honestly I don’t think I’ve had water in at least 5
    years. I stopped drinking Coke for 14 months a few years ago and I stayed
    the exact same weight. So why not lol.

  19. bringmethe food says:

    soda makes your teeth go grey

  20. Keene Fulton says:

    I drink Mtn Dew almost EVERY day