What If You Stopped Eating?

What If You Stopped Eating?

What happens to your body without food?
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20 Responses

  1. Kirby The Lazy Star Warrior says:

    Short answer: You die.

  2. Hey_its_kenna says:

    I’ve been wanting to starve myself but have been told not too. I watched
    this video to try to convince myself out of it but it kinda makes me want
    to do it more. cause after a couple of days it starts eating the fat.
    sounds good to me!

  3. corpsie666 says:

    Spoiler alert: I’d be skinny and pretty :'(

  4. Lakhdeep Singh says:

    Google “Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa” he has been on a hunger strike for 200
    days now! His middion is to free the prisioners still behind bars even
    though they have completed their sentence. Some prisioners have been in
    jail for over 25 years and there no proper supporting evidence but just
    because they were Sikh they were thrown in jail and left there. Please
    support Bapu Ji by telling others about this hunger for humanity.

  5. Emerald Daffodils says:

    All of the plants fed to livestock could end world hunger. The food fed to
    your hamburger could feed 40 people, whilst instead, it’s feeding 1/3 of

  6. Grover Rockwood says:

    It almost sounded as if they were taking a pot shot at the keto diet, but
    then you have to remember, they’re scenario is you’re not eating at all.
    I’d love to see them do a keto diet one of these and then a carb diet
    version just to show people that both types of diets can be good if done

  7. Juan Ortega says:

    Do dogs have dreams 

  8. David Jones says:

    So I’m barely obese. If I didn’t eat for 2 weeks would my body use all of
    my fat up?

  9. The Professor says:

    Forgot to mention, you will start eating yourself, literally, your body
    will begin eating itself, from the inside out.

  10. Gabri- ella says:

    I don’t get angry when I’m hungry. I feel sad and weak.

  11. Gabri- ella says:

    If Jesus can survive with nothing but water for 40 days and nights then so
    can I. But I won’t cause I’m not Jesus.

  12. luckyluke013 says:

    So does that mean people while running/doing low carb diets have lesser
    cognitive function? Temporarily of course.

  13. Joshiesgotagun says:

    Longest I ever went without eating is 35-ish hours. Being poor sucks.

  14. Beentakenaway123 says:

    I wish I could stop eating. 

  15. Too Much Like Tony Stark says:

    What if youre just not hungry, like nothing seems appetizing? I know i get

  16. Xime says:

    you’d become a tumblr user

  17. highwaycarlos says:

    all the annoying people in the comments are white

  18. Tiffany C. says:

    Your videos are always so brilliant! Makes my day 😀 thank you ^^

  19. Vincent vom Kothen says:

    Awesome, thanks for putting this video together. Always wondered if fat
    people could just “stop eating” but that’s easier said than done with
    impaired brain function; even if you could stand the mental torture, you
    wouldn’t be able to interact nicely with the people around you, which
    basically means you can’t do your job or be with your family/friends.

  20. Satan says:

    I get hungry every hour.