What If You Were Sent to a BLACK HOLE?

What If You Were Sent to a BLACK HOLE?

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20 Responses

  1. Minh Cena says:

    No, we don’t mean your ex. xD

  2. Ahmed Grwan says:

    next time send him to hell 😀

  3. spllitz says:

    We want Arnold to drink bleach

  4. Jerry jerry says:

    What about the gravity not crushing him

  5. Saeed Abu-Bakar says:

    You should put more videos on him Please

  6. XxGamer_Dude21x X says:

    Yes! Thank you Arnold for this video I been waiting for this video!

  7. Hannibus 42 says:

    Throw Arnold into a 4th dimension!

  8. Lemon Bleach says:

    What would happen if the sun turned super Nova

  9. Questionable Cat says:

    Staying within topic, Send Arnold to a Neutron Star

  10. Jacksepticye Fan3214 says:

    Send arnold to death valley!

  11. jack septicye2 says:

    Send arnold to the white house

  12. the variety channel says:

    “We had to sacrafice one of our arnolds” that explains it

  13. JimmyTheFrick says:

    Did anyone just now notice that he loses a finger in every single video

  14. Chahid Laaouar says:

    Send arnold in the bottom of a ocean

  15. Utkarsh kumbhare says:

    now how Arnold will back..🤔🤔

  16. Eren Jeager says:

    Welp it’s better than science class

  17. ChrismantheBest says:


  18. Joseph says:

    Making animations is not easy. He’s had to draw Arnold more than 2000 times so this video can run smoothly.

  19. Our Local Angler says:

    Send Arnold to the deepest part of the ocean please

  20. Depressed Meme Gamer says:

    This was only posted four hours ago! Woah!

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