What is a Yukata?

What is a Yukata?

Martina just bought her first Yukata, so we’re going to talk about what a Yukata is, how it’s different from a Kimono, and we’ll show you what buying a Yukata is like. Yay!

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20 Responses

  1. katelyn Peters says:

    Imma look for 70 year old Martina wearing a ball gown to the grocery store

  2. Lil says:

    Your Yukata is so beautiful, i love the colours and the design

  3. 李涛 says:


  4. Naomi Fischer says:

    Fuck that’s funny.

  5. roxiechan1 says:

    How did you do your hair?

  6. mASMRized says:

    Martina, you look gorgeous in your yukata! Simon, I look forward to your
    finding yours :)

  7. Rae Atrista says:

    Awesome yukata!! Hopefully simon gets one that he really likes too~ (^^) Do
    yukatas and kimonos come in a one-size only??

  8. Tyler Donsky says:


  9. N A N A says:

    Martina Senpai is so cute :3

  10. Po- Ta-toes says:

    haha in my grade 12 programming class i made a Katamari inspired Catamari
    game but i have since lost the save files :'(

  11. Herosin The Mimic says:

    i look asian when i put my hair in a ponytail/man bun, gonna buy one of
    these for fun and go to my neck beard friends house to borrow his weabo

  12. rose novel says:

    the katana should have worn a kamono in her bombshells cover

  13. Gideon Terry says:

    What part of Japan are u in???

  14. chandlerparsons sucks says:


  15. yusukefuuma08 says:

    makes me feel want to hv 1 too

  16. Cathrine Sidor says:

    I just realize I own a Yukata!? like wut…

  17. Terminal Herpes says:

    All these newfags just now learning what a Yukata is… always behind the

  18. Yume S says:

    if you don’t have “the part that goes underneath” then you can substitute
    with something like a flat rope or a wide ribbon. That rope isn’t suppose
    to show anyways so short term solution. Also, good luck getting the obi to
    look nice :)

  19. Meredith Kagy says:

    Did you guys ever try on modern everyday hanboks?

  20. jellyjay says:

    11:05 gives me so much life. I hate those liberal social justice warriors
    who condemn everyone of cultural appropriation. Goddamn those idiots. They
    can only see other country’s culture as ‘foreign’ and ‘exotic,’ and
    something so different and sacred that should never be touched. But without
    the exploration. how can we learn about each other and take interest of the