What is Federal Land?

What is Federal Land?

Like what does it mean? (For real though?)
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84 Responses

  1. Justin Y. says:

    4:25 Just make a lumber mill, you’ll keep the forest and still get extra production.

  2. Enthused Norseman says:

    I love the characters you made for the departments.

    • Bel Rick says:

      This video basically shouts out “this is what you get for losing the Southern War of State rights or independence. “

    • Enthused Norseman says:

      Not sure why you commented about that on my comment, but more like “Southern War of State Rights for Some People to Legally Own Other People as Chattel”. It sure as hell was the expressed reason for seceding in several of the confederate states’ declarations.

  3. TakeASeatAnzen says:

    The title of this video changed from”Your state is smaller than you think” to “What is federal land?”

    • JordyT1998 says:

      I was trying to search archive.org to see if they had a screenshot of the page as “your state is smaller than you think” but they only made a bunch of “what is federal land” screenshots

    • boson96 says:

      How does archive.org store such vast libraries of data? How do they afford that?

    • JordyT1998 says:

      +boson96 If you open the website right now you’ll see a donations notification at the top of the site.
      That’s how wikipedia ask for donations too.

  4. Paulthored says:

    Could you please do that Reservation video?
    Especially how states like Wisconsin handle having whole counties labeled as such.

    Speaking of Wisconsin, could you clarify what Governor Walker did with the DNR?
    Or, for that matter, what the DNR generally is??
    Thanks and kudos for the MTG imagery.👍😎

    • NoriMori says:

      Seeing as how he did the federal land video almost immediately after doing the video where he mentioned federal land, I think we can assume he’s going to do the reservation one soon. Though even if he doesn’t, he obviously plans to do it at some point.

    • Odd Bunsen says:

      In my county there’s one guy who works at the dnr.

    • jarodwilllow says:

      Oh Wisconsin that’s cute. There’s a reason he showed Arizona and Oklahoma as the states upset about reservations. The Navajo Nation makes up the entire northeastern portion of Arizona and extends into Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. It creates an interesting effect since Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time but since the Navajo nation is not just in Arizona it also does DST. However, the Hopi reservation that is in Arizona but surrounded by the Navajo Nation, does not follow DST. So multiple parts of the state follow different time zones because reasons.

    • Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker says:

      Paulthored Yes, do the res video

  5. Wyatt Salmon says:

    I just binge-watched every single CGP Grey video ever, and finished *JUST* when this came out. The moment I saw this, I thought *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!* , and then clicked on it as fast as I possibly could. This is the greatness of CGP Grey.

  6. PotatoCat Productions says:

    So since Alaska doesn’t control most of its land, does that make Texas the largest Governing body inside America other than America

  7. Nolan Beal says:

    6:36 yay someone else thinks wyoming exists

  8. DJ Flame says:

    So what I’m hearing is….

    Area 51 is actually in Nevada

  9. Commander Appo says:

    I feel you national forest service girl, I feel you.


  10. Jombo says:

    Take a drink every time CGP Grey says “story for another time” and then never makes a video about it.

  11. William Bender says:

    8:19 Is that the EURion constellation?

  12. David Ashton says:

    Been playing some magic the gathering aye grey heh?

  13. EpicSoren says:

    As an Alaskan, the Federal Land rules are ridiculously insane. There are so many places in our state where we can’t do anything because it’s federal land, but the FEDS DONT USE IT EITHER.

  14. Micah Philson says:

    I’m from Nebraska. we have like a couple small forests, and that’s about it.

    I honestly wish we had more devoted to parks or something, but now I’m not complaining!

    • Regenerative Road Trip says:

      (Waves from Agate Fossil Beds) But yeah, we’re only 3000 acres, so your point remains.

    • Micah Philson says:

      Road Trip, from what I understand, though, National Monuments are also different. Otherwise, there’s also Homestead National Monument, maybe a couple others, so yeah, we also have those!

    • darknightoftroy says:

      Ah Nebraska…… I give it 2 out of 5 stars.
      Maybe I’m joking, maybe I’m not.
      Having federal land is a double edged sword for people who live in those states.
      On the one hand, the state has less power over the territory in its domain, and therefore the citizens of that state have less direct say over what goes on around them.
      On the other hand, sometimes state governments do really really dumb and shitty things for many of the citizens of those states, largely for profit/political/completely-corrupt motivations. Having the land as federal means that instead of a state government, you have the federal government making those choices, which can sometimes be good, and sometimes be horrible, depending on what the federal government wants to do with the land around you right now, see nukes, page 5.

    • Micah Philson says:

      Darknightoftroy, on average, I’d say you’re not too far off with your rating. There are absolutely several 5 star places in Nebraska, but they’re sort of weighed down by the thousands and thousands of square miles of just… fields and cows. But I love it!

    • darknightoftroy says:

      +Micah Philson That is good. The world is full of beauty, and while some places you have to look a bit deeper than others, it’s always there. I’m glad you enjoy Nebraska, and I hope you continue to. Maybe I shall visit it again someday, and gain a better appreciation for it.
      All that being said, I refuse to ever live in Kansas.

  15. Trygve Plaustrum says:

    So, who here is making waifus out of CGP Grey’s drawings? I know you’re out there…

  16. Jordan says:

    That “In General” sign you put up looks like a dude poopin

  17. Coffee Succubus says:

    Who else in 6:09 thought of Americas smug face get smugger by every “oh”

  18. Zippy Ragu says:

    Here’s the one thing I’ve learned from CGP Grey:
    Everyone in power is a jerk. No matter where you go no matter what you do, there is someone in power that is going to take something for nothing and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. No point in trying to do better, no point in helping others, just give up and let them take what they want since justice is something that has never even existed.

    • Scimitar says:

      Just stop being a little pussy and take what you want and what you can. The moment I started to act like a sociopath I started to become financially sucessful. It’s so easy because there’s a lot of sheep like you ripe for exploitation.

    • Scimitar says:

      +Ming Mongo Hierarchies are emergent structures which cannot be avoided. It’s not a fact of society, it’s a fact of biological life. Even in a world without resource scarcity, you’d get hierarchies based on intellectual achievements or other aims. Someone is always superior to you and will make use of that superiority. If you stop being a commie little whinger, maybe that one could be you. A better you.

    • Jalmari Tammela says:

      +Scimitar If whole society acts sociopathically like you it would collapse and become hell on earth.

    • Scimitar says:

      +Jalmari Tammela If you care about ”””””””””””society””””””””””””””, a complete fiction, you’re not meant for greatness.

    • Jalmari Tammela says:

      +Scimitar places like Somalia where society has collapsed dont seems to be “meant for greatness” whatever that means.

  19. Mr. Ryan says:

    I love all the little character flag people. The department characters were so creative.

  20. Game Generation says:

    Do a collaboration with VSauce.

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