What Is Fire?

What Is Fire?

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Why does fire burn? What’s the chemistry and physics of a flame? This week, learn about the beautiful science happening inside a flame!

Michael Faraday’s Christmas lectures on candle chemistry:

Flames in space:

Richard Feynman talking about fire:

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20 Responses

  1. sashagirl38 says:

    What about when you glide your finger across to flame? How does it not burn

  2. Raymond Chin says:

    new look for the youtube player?

  3. Raymond Chin says:

    I am really loving these themed weeks.

  4. CloudBurzt says:

    Is fire a plasma?

  5. Emanuel coimbra says:

    I was wondering about this yesterday. And out of nowhere this video appear
    in my youtubeline. Thanks

  6. SvG-DeathKnell says:

    Fake fire on the marshmellos. Why?

  7. gramps2matt says:

    So why can the just extinguished candle wick reignite from the lit match
    without the match coming in contact with the wick?

  8. Corley says:

    I just imagine this is all a joke and this video is intentionally wrong to
    fool children.

  9. Matthew Fulmer says:

    The hottest part of the flame is not the bottom, but the top. Additionally,
    there has been many studies of combustion in space. In fact there exist
    youtube videos of the candle flame in micro-gravity.

  10. Penny Lane says:

    Is that CGI fire in the beginning? Wow, when has CGI fire become easier to
    do than just burning an actual marshmallow?

  11. Omar Khan says:

    As a flame myself, through this video, I have learned more about myself
    than the knowledge passed down through my ancestors.

  12. vaidhya nathan says:

    Faraday told that candle flame is kind of EM wave. It would be nice if you
    had mentioned it.

  13. Zspec1988 says:

    I love you videos! Thanks for the lesson.

  14. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Thank you, just thank you! Iv been trying to figure fire out for years, i
    just said it was plasma and that was that, again, thank you

  15. Shravan Kruthick Sridhar says:

    Why is water wet?

  16. Zombie Hunter says:

    Fire is life

  17. Jeric Brual says:

    Once I saw the title, I said, “My mixtape.”

  18. Yatrik Shah says:

    That was awesome, you should have your own TV show.

  19. greenfire61 says:

    Wow. I’m in my 4th year of chemical engineering in college and I actually
    learned a decent amount! I guess teachers just assume everyone knows this
    or at least they don’t go into as much detail.

  20. Joseph Cheatham says:

    My mixtape