What is Good Acting?

What is Good Acting?

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48 Responses

  1. Ozzy says:

    Good acting is me acting like I want to watch this

  2. dani dkg says:

    about method acting: jared leto’s behaviour to “prepare” for his role as the joker is just the epitome of all the problems with method acting these days. i appreciate method acting, but hollywood has completely ruined it and turned this style of acting into a marketing gimmick. like, if an actor says they had to do insane things to prepare for the role, the movie will be branded as a must-see and an amazing work of art.

    • Abijo says:

      @The Ghost I don’t think that’s true. There was a myth at the time they he did, but apparently he was just a normal chill dude off set, except for mental health issues and drug addiction, but he was apparently a lovely guy to work with and be around, and not the crazy method actor who drove himself to suicide that quite often tauted. Just people trying to make drama out of what really was a very normal and sad occurrence

    • Djuntas says:

      The best movies are useally made when you get the right cast. I think The Dark Knight is AMAZING on so many levels, especially because of solid casting on all roles, not just joker.

    • rushi says:

      Daniel day-Lewis is good, i guess.

    • meggo says:

      @SincerelyNotMe yeah if they had a different actor be jack sparrow, it probably would have been an entirely different movie.

    • SincerelyNotMe says:

      @Soapy I think it was both, like he took inspiration from Richards while also adlibbing his parts. I think Johnny went off script so often but what he came up with was better so they just went with it.

  3. Jaz Helton says:

    “You only ever see people do method when they’re playing an asshole” Robert Pattinson spitting straight facts, holy shit.

    • Tazhie Nunurbusinezz says:

      @Julia Paschoal it wasn’t exactly that he had no respect for the material, although after his fame exploded he did kinda feel that way about the franchise since he loathed how people started to act towards him, but it was that he initially had a different idea of how Edward would behave & about his motivations than the directors/producers did so he went in doing his initial version since that was how he prepared. They hated it. He had to completely revamp mid-project in order to keep his job. That’s why the movie feels a bit like he is flipping back & forth between personalities. They didn’t reshoot the earlier takes so it just kinda feels discombobulated somehow & a little uncanny valley. (My daughters were obsessed so I ended up living Twilight mania.)

      After the first one where seemingly overnight the resulting fame made his life extraordinarily difficult, he started hating everything about it. He supposedly hates the franchise much less these days.

    • Julia Paschoal says:

      I’ll transcribe here what I said about Pattinson in my original comment because I think it’s very relevant>

      “As for Hayden Christensen, you make a GREAT point. I don’t see him as that good an actor overall, but the way people went after him for the SW prequels was way too vicious and completely killed his career. Looking it from your angle, makes it even more unjust. I’m reminded of Robert Pattinson, who was TERRIBLE in the Twilight movies from the scenes I saw here and there, but since it was all the rage at the time and everyone was in love with him, he was given the chance to do incredible work in prestigious directors’ movies like Cosmopolis (David Cronemberg), Good time (Safdie Brothers) and Tenet (Christopher Nolan). The thing about Twilight, it seems, is that he had absolutely no respect for the material, which I honestly understand.”

    • delesdog says:

      People aren’t that complicated…. They just need an excuse to be shitty

    • Maui Randall says:

      Little do people know Mr. Rogers was actually a hardcore method actor

  4. dingusrevolver says:

    Anyone else feel like Andrew is selling himself short for his critically acclaimed role of “Landlord”

    • amethyst gigi says:

      @coolcatalesha no its actually christopher. im srs rn, christoper andrew gooden.

    • Paula :3 says:

      @v v Draw Good lmaooo

    • Yuh get into it says:

      @v v this is fucking hilarious

    • kevin what are you doing says:

      @v v Are we gonna make a movie on this or not

    • v v says:

      ​@coolcatalesha No, his actual name is Draw Good. Drew Gooden is his name in past tense. Every clip was actually recorded 40 years ago, now slowly being edited and uploaded to YouTube by the 66 year old Draw Good because Zooey Deschanel had stopped singing in every single movie and television show she’s in, causing the world to stop spinning and life as we know comes to an end. Did you live under a rock?

  5. Joshua Nightingale says:

    This is why I think Anya Taylor Joy’s performance in Emma is incredible.

  6. Faith Medlock says:

    Fun fact, Aaron Paul has never taken a single acting class in his entire career, and I find that incredibly impressive. The way he portrays Jesse feels so real and I believe he is by far the most realistic character in Breaking Bad.

    • Yogurt Hoe says:

      He’s also really good in Bojack Horseman

    • Anasyub says:

      jesse is literally one of my fav characters on television

    • Storageheater says:

      @Спас Гергински To “be yourself” ie to act and respond like any kind of normal human being in front of a camera crew while trying to recite dialogue and, as this video points out, act like you’re surprised by what the other actors are saying, is not the easy win you think it is lol

    • Naruto says:

      @Спас Гергински nah he didn’t but nice pfp bro lol

    • Спас Гергински says:

      Its just that Jesse plays Aaron Paul

  7. Jenna Embers says:

    also I just wanted to say – please keeping making videos on whatever you want because your passion is what makes them enjoyable to watch regardless of the topic. it’s refreshing to not watch another commentary channel cover the same topic over and over again. great video drew!

  8. Emma Curtis says:

    As a professional paid actor I’m shocked at how much you know for someone that’s not trained. “Acting is reacting” is the staple line that everyone has heard, but things like “as humans we try to be okay” is something so many working actors don’t know. We as humans don’t like being vulnerable so we try not to cry. We try not to rage. But our investment has to be equal to our reaction. If you are invested and present with your scene partner then you will automatically give those reaction shots because “the body does not lie”. If you aren’t invested then you just look like surprised pikachu. The best compliment you can ever get is “I didn’t even realise you were acting”.

    • Jackie McKinnon says:

      I very much agree with that last statement some of the best acting I’ve seen is when I realize it’s almost like I’m watching a documentary, that that person perfectly embodies the words and flow of the character. One great example is Melissa McCarthy’s character in “Can you ever forgive me?”

    • Smirk Jerk says:

      It was the best feeling when I cried for the first time on camera. Wasn’t planned and I can’t do it normally on cue. But the character could and would. So I did. That’s one thing I love about my job. lol

  9. chinaeyes85 says:

    I remember way back when moulin rouge came out, this movie critic pointed out while commenting on the oscar nominations for best actress that year – how uncommon and hard it is for an actor to dare let go and exagerate physically,to allow yourself to “over act” and be really goofy, especially in a drama piece .the critic was referring to nicole kidman in the scenes in the beginning of the movie when she thinks ewan mcgregor is the duke(that she is suposed to seduce). he is quoting songs for her and she is acting like it turns her on,but in a really over the top, unecessary way, crazy,and comical, jumping on the bed and such. she is reacting really absurd in the scene but you dont get that feeling like its bad acting at all, it just really works. of course she does other great things in the movie but those particular scenes Ive never heard anyone comment on since, it was a good observation imo. She was nominated but didn’t win the oscar that year.

  10. Heather McLaren says:

    The thing that always got me about the Leto Joker thing was that I can’t really recall a time in the comics or films or anything where the Joker sent used condoms to people? Kinda just felt like something Leto was hunting for an excuse to do.

    • Praying Mantis says:

      I think he also wanted his co-workers to actually fear him and psyche them out, so he could feel the kind of power that comes from being a villain.

    • Shen says:

      Leto is certainly a weirdo, honestly. Aggressively so.

    • Jaz Helton says:

      Leto probably got caught sending used condoms and used his joker role as a bad excuse. The guy gives me long haired dude who talks about feminism but will 100% spike your drink vibes.

    • Yami Yugi says:

      He definitely just used the “trying to be the insane character” as an excuse to do weird stuff

    • Alex Carter says:

      he literally just thought “well, I guess the joker is weird and fucked up, what’s a fucked up thing I can do?” without even bothering to do further analysis of the character beyond “does weird things”

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