What Is Stone Man Syndrome?

What Is Stone Man Syndrome?

What is What Is Stone Man Syndrome? Can a person really turn in to stone?

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105 Responses

  1. SideNote Channel says:

    As a creator, I can see you guys put a lot of work into making videos: considering you are a team of 10

  2. Aayush Parmar says:

    Current Daily Upload streak : 30.
    Wow Man.!

  3. sk00ma says:

    I feel like this disease might drive someone to suicide. Best of luck to those who have it.

  4. Ishaan Malik says:

    Can scientist use genes of these people to make medicine to increase bone growth rate in injured people

  5. thatoneguy from the internet says:

    I’m I the only one here that has never heard of this before ?

  6. 1,132,982 Subscribers says:

    I love this channel who agrees

  7. Mateo Dowling says:

    This vid was posted less than 20 mins ago and ALREADY there are 6 dislikes… why would ppl do this to this sweet information channel

  8. Jahnnoi Williams says:

    What about iron-man syndrome?

  9. Tell Me This says:

    I heard Peter Dinklage got his pocket picked last week

    I mean, who would stoop so low?

  10. All Videos says:


  11. All Videos says:


  12. All Videos says:

    I would tell doctors to kill me if I ever had this

  13. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    It must be terrible to have your entire life just fucked because of a rare disease. Really really hope they find a definitive cure.

  14. Lorenrosenhal 1420 says:

    This should be a series, where you just talk about very rare diseases. I’d watch it

  15. General Bonghits says:

    I have a water allergy, I need to take antihistamines or I’ll come up in painful rash every time I shower

  16. Sneaky Dab Emoji says:

    Its GCSE not GCS

  17. Urjit Khatua says:

    Hey! Love your videos. Please post more often tho… Can’t wait for the next video!

  18. thebahooplamaster says:

    What if it was easy to shave those bones like hair…?

  19. Common Zenoric says:

    This is so fucking scary

  20. shutup clapped says:

    I hope they find the cure…

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