What It Takes To Make A Wedding Cake

What It Takes To Make A Wedding Cake

Madison Lee is a master of her craft. At 31, she has established herself as one of the world’s foremost cake artists and sugar flower experts.

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80 Responses

  1. Tima's Corner says:

    Anyone think about the money?

    • LittleMissJmoo Moo says:

      I just don’t get why you would have a white cake and then layer white detail on it? Its not at all logical thinking when you want people to be looking at a cake. From a distance it looks like a white cake with flowers shoved on it. Then she sits there the entire time making it out like she does everything, despite she has obvious staff. Talk about an ego! I wouldn’t pay that much on something you can really, make yourself! Its art to some, though when you can’t even credit the people helping you…Seems more like shes just feeding her egotistical self then her customers!

    • Lastlies says:

      +Annie Tsering exactly. Also, some parents save for their kids weddings, so even middle class people can have an amazing cake.

    • Lastlies says:

      ^^that’s what my grandparents did for my parents’ wedding.

    • missmichelle22 says:

      +Kaya Villafan whoa… I think maybe after this video they raised the price by $400 because I looked on her website in the faq section and minimum orders start at $2000 now!

  2. Ally Barnes says:

    My mom has already made 3 wedding cakes but that’s not even her job. She works at a hospital.

  3. Møssy says:

    Andddd I won’t be having that for a wedding cake

    That looks more expensive then my future

  4. Matrix The Furry says:

    Omg I love this series. Who else here does??

  5. badBoujee says:

    I need to learn how to make a wedding cake I’m planning on proposing to KFC next week.

  6. Sweet Katerina says:

    This cake looks dry af

    • GabrielleduVent says:

      I don’t think you can cut the cake the way couples do with dowels inside. My guess is the cake was frozen. Patissiers often do that to maintain the molecular integrity of the cake.

    • LittleMissJmoo Moo says:

      I always did find it funny the amount of money people spend on a cake thats been baked, only to sit in a freezer for 3 months max and then charge you over $100 for a stale cake with fancy decoration. (Some argue a cake will come out moist once frozen, though not really, it usually comes out tasting like its been frozen and sitting there too long). It just proves how society goes out of their way to waste their money on utter crap that looks good, despite the fact it would taste like shit with all that almond icing on it that everyone picks off cause its the most disgusting thing ever! If you’re going to be a cake maker, why do they all have to make the same thing over and over and over again? It would be liking painting the same canvas over and over and over again! There is no real imagination when they all just copy from one another and then have the audacity to charge that much on a frozen cake…Sadly there are plenty of idiots out there who would spend that much on a cake, just to take a selfie with it!

    • Sophia! Is a Nub says:

      It needs some oIL

  7. Clara Lazen says:

    Trust me I know how to make cakes I watched Cake Boss

  8. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Well it takes lots of skill and experience

  9. Lason Byrd says:

    For my future wedding I getting ice cream cake from publix… :L

  10. Son of Sevenless says:

    Just give me cardboard with frosting on it and if it taste good me and my imaginary girlfriend will have a good time

  11. Techmical says:

    Excellent content guys


    That cake looked over cooked and dry as hell 😂

  12. Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf says:

    That cake probably cost more money than my entire wedding.

  13. Dhruv Thakur says:

    And then they disgrace it by *throwing* the cake at each other….
    What even

  14. Neda Said says:

    Ok, I might get some hate… but


  15. kryptonite says:

    *_I thought those sugar flowers were real at first_*

  16. LoneRiderz says:

    To be honest I find weddings to be a huge waste of money. This is hindsight speaking of course. If I could do it all over again I’d rather we have had a cheap wedding and a long, expensive honeymoon.

  17. Asiya Shaikh says:

    That’s true passion right there. You can literally see how serious she is about this and how much she enjoys doing it. So inspiring.

  18. Harsha V says:

    Woah!!!!!! Are those flowers made out of fondant….. At first I thought those were like natural edible flowers……
    WOW!!!! This is real talent…….
    Those flowers look so nice.

  19. Rut Suryany says:

    Well as a pastry chef myself, I understand the struggle of baking a wedding cake from scratch until it becomes reality. A pastry chef should understand the value of making everything perfect from start to finish. Salute for her!

    And for those who are commented how dry her cake looks, you should try it yourself so you’ll know how it tastes. Cakes could be deceiving just by looking at it. Same goes to people. You judged too early just by looking at them even before you know ‘em 🙂

    Just saying guys. If you can’t be like her, at least just show some respect.

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