What It’s Really Like To Have Cancer

What It’s Really Like To Have Cancer

“I don’t really talk about it.”

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20 Responses

  1. The Babafume says:

    In the US we have money being spent on countless things that don’t matter
    but we can’t put enough money to help research a cure of cancer?

  2. bobbyjohn5555 says:

    I don’t understand how people can put a thumbs down on this.

  3. Adilet S says:

    My family lost a son to cancer, and I lost a brother when I was little.
    Can’t remember his voice and it’s killing me.

  4. Kaltrina Ahmedi says:

    My moms friend had cancer she died one week agow ?

  5. Emzolysh says:


  6. Paul Rosales says:

    To all the people who has cancer just remember that God said that you’re an

  7. Nina The Sagacious says:

    My dad has it, what really upset me after we found out was that he was at
    his doctor’s several times, yet she said everything’s fine..

  8. Kia Mitchell says:

    this is so sad.

  9. Girl in Darkness says:

    Could you do one about children who had had parents go through cancer or
    something? ;/

  10. Michelle nip says:

    My tío had cancer for 9 years and didnt tell anyone. The day we found out
    was the day he died

  11. Clara Garcia says:

    my grandma died from cancer and i never met her, my mom is a survivor, and
    i feel like a ticking time bomb because i know eventually i’ll get cancer

  12. JI_OddyP says:

    as I watched this video over and over again, it makes me wonder. Will I be
    a survivor when (I hope not) someday I get a cancer? will I be that strong
    when someone told me that I have a cancer? will someone be there when I go
    through with this? will I live to tell the story? so much questions popped
    up out of my head.

  13. Darren Dias says:

    This video gave me cancer

  14. Young Adult Cancer Canada says:

    Thank you to BuzzFeedYellow and everyone in this video for shedding light
    on what it’s really like to have cancer.

  15. Becky Hartnell says:

    my great aunt died of breast cancer and that came as a massive shock
    because no one told me she even had it. my grandad died earlier that year
    from a heart attack after surviving two other types of cancer throughout
    his life and finding out 2 days before he died that he had bowel cancer. of
    course no one told me about that until he died too, something I’ll probably
    never forgive my parents for purely because it would have mentally prepared
    me for the worst.

  16. Linn Jansson says:

    my mother is a cancer survivor, my grandmother is a cancer survivor, but
    not my grandfather, who died this summer ….. cancer is everywhere …

  17. Simply Sarah says:

    My best friend in primary school had cancer and she is a survivor and
    watching this made me cry ?

  18. sarararuth says:

    I don’t have cancer but I am on chemo because my crazy muscle eating
    disease only responds to that… Hearing all they said definitely makes me
    reflect on the fact that it’s ok to have bad days, it’s ok to be tired, but
    it’s also ok to laugh.
    Chemo is terrible… but life CAN be beautiful if we cherish the little
    moments that we do get.

  19. D.Murp. says:

    This is the scariest thing for me, I have so much respect for people who
    are strong enough to go through this, This must be so hard to deal with.

  20. Zaina Amer says:

    They are so strong. This is very sad and I hope they find a cure to this.
    Wow, so strong.