What Kind of Girl Are You? QUIZ w/ Azzyland

What Kind of Girl Are You? QUIZ w/ Azzyland

Azzy and I (Gloom) are trying to figure out what “kind” of girls we are, tomboy or girly girl? What if we feel like we’re both? What stereotype will the quiz questions determine?
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I’m Kassie, also known as Gloom! I’m a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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52 Responses

  1. tstevensufl says:

    Gloom:I got 21
    Azzy:I got 21
    Me:I got 21
    Like if you got it to

  2. auggi doggi says:

    lol I was following along, then it got to hair…
    do I put 0 stars? cuz um…
    I don’t got no hair

    • Btsarmy Bulletproof says:

      Wait what???
      I don’t get it

    • GachaWolf Gaming says:

      That’s sad ☹️

    • QuietSpace says:

      @GachaWolf Gaming What’s sad about it? Some people don’t have hair. Either she’s rockin a bald, buzz cut look. Or she has really short hair that she can’t style. She didn’t specify. Maybe her situation is sad, but you don’t know that. Don’t assume that her not having hair is sad though, cause what if she likes it like that?

  3. Destyne Harris says:

    Azzy: I love blush ???
    Cassie:rose come in
    Me:no makeup I’m beautiful the way I am???????

  4. kitty Jackson says:

    1st day of school how are you gonna dress?
    me: In my proper school uniform???????
    “test gives other answers”
    me: wait uhm what is it then O-O

  5. Kittycat M says:

    *Video* You got picked last on a *soccer* team

    *Gloom* I’ll slam dunk them

  6. Just Jennie says:

    This is how many years gloom will do Youtube

  7. •*WOLFYARTS*• YT says:

    The one about the hair and the one that says depend where I’m going it looks like a cartoon LaurenZside with tomboy hair

  8. Qt Animates says:

    I got a 14 IMA TOM BOY how bout u guys

  9. Bri Love says:

    I got 17, when it said “you’re neither” I was like yuppp. I’m gender fluid so it makes sense ?

  10. Lena Scott says:

    um so im literaly making a friendship braclet while taking this quiz and get tomboy but like its acurate soo

  11. Mystical Wolf says:

    Azzy : we have to wear makeup, we sit infront of a camera everyday! It picks up every pore!

    Me : well depeneds, is your quality like Felix or Seán?

  12. i am depression nice to meet you says:

    yall got 21, i got 15….

    wow, just as i thought xD
    yet, i dont like going outside.
    (still an anime girl at heart <3)

  13. Ambre-Lee Winsor says:

    I’m 18 stars… grew up on a farm… but wanna be a fashion designer for teenagers. Not really girly, dont wear makeup, and I love clothes

  14. Mikayla Plummer says:

    Can you please do some more Roblox videos with Jay.btw love your vids?

  15. Richard Gisemba says:

    I am a tomboy! } love tomboy #tomboy team, like if you are A tomboy

  16. Kittie 1223 says:

    I would say that I am 75% tomboy, and 25% girly girl. Mostly because I wear boy’s cloths, but I do theatre arts and I love singing, dancing, and attention ? I will never wear a dress, always a tuxedo. ? sometimes when I’m in my school uniform I unbutton my skirt to make it look bigger and I spin to make it look super cool ??? but yeah you get the point.

  17. Lizard_Lady 912 says:

    I love fashion and stuff like that but I also love rugby and touch (I’m a girl)

  18. Danique Dalmeijer says:

    “Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?”

    Me: I’m just a potato don’t look at me

  19. Fiona Kerr says:

    I got 21 i was pretty happy

    Comment what u got got and just 2 likes is all i need
    (I like my own comments that why i need 2 lol?)

  20. •Miss Miel• says:

    People: are you a girl or a tomboy?

    Me: *iM a mEsS*

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