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20 Responses

  1. yatin choudhary says:

    The thing about Nike paying to its logo designer, I loved that.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Great video!

  3. W.C. J says:

    I hear Cinematic Orchestra

  4. Louis Cubillas says:

    My fave speaker ?

  5. Beastthatbeats says:

    Do a video of why popcorn is the standard cinema/movie snack.

  6. Abbey Jennings says:

    It’s 11:43 am here in St.Louis, MO. reply with your time and place!

  7. Rowan Manders says:

    Didn’t know Seinfeld worked in the logo industry.

  8. FaceClef says:

    Great video until “Hillary Clinton” was mention…

  9. Ratty says:

    Best part of the video is that girl seeing how much stock she was given,
    and her hands were shaking after reading it.

  10. Loser Bro Productions says:


  11. FriendlyFantom says:

    Great vid, although the Hillary logo is absolute trash.

  12. Michael-Luca Natt says:

    So would Nautica’s logo be pictoral or abstract iconography

  13. OverLordthe 1st says:

    this is vox video I like, I had to unfallow you guys on Twitter becuase
    Evan tho I do lean a little left I like my news as abjective as possible
    and you guys where reporting to far left. so this may be unpouler to say
    but please report as little poltics as possible or make more video about
    more interesting than politics.

    thank you

  14. Owen Sanders says:

    It’s called a favicon, ya DINK.

    Did you do the hillary kwanzaa logo too?

  15. Toonna Obi-Okoye says:

    I hope Carolyn Davidson is swimming in that good money for life!

  16. JacksInn says:

    Hope that lady got some serious cash.

  17. Jewell Cary says:

    And we can’t forget the Golden Ratio

  18. SpaceMittens101 says:


  19. ghosthusler says:

    Amazing video. Please do more stuff with graphics, slogans, logos ect.

  20. Poonam “lazytuber” Keshary says:

    If I made a parody video of why Donald trump should be president WHO WOULD
    WATCH IT!?