What Makes Fresh Air Fresh?

What Makes Fresh Air Fresh?

There’s nothing like the crisp fresh air of a spring morning, especially compared to the musty weird air in your smelly old house… But why is the air outside so much more pleasing? And can you make inside-air just as fresh and nice?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. Jay The Soulist says:

    Chem trails

  2. Lambo G says:

    Am i the only one who wonder where the heck Hank is ?

  3. Fire66300 AJ says:

    How can I get fresh air when I’m covered in bug spray?

  4. Crimson Frost says:

    So which plants would I chose then? I have dumbcane in my backyard, should
    I bring them into my room,?

  5. Mango Productions says:


  6. Silkworm says:

    Opening a window is really not an option in some very polluted cities.

  7. Brooke Leigh says:

    What about those metal sheets air filters that are supposed to collect dirt
    and pet dander in them? Do those actually do anything

  8. Jordan Sinn says:

    I can’t open my window to let fresh air in because these videos are so loud
    it scares the neighbors.

  9. pramitbanerjee says:

    So i use a tabletop fan and i position it just outside the window so it
    sucks up air from the outside and releases it inside! i am smart.

  10. Game & Growl says:

    Roll them windows down.

  11. John Mike says:

    there are also air purifiers, which filters most of the bad stuff in the
    air(mold, dust, cigar smoke, etc), but it costs a lot, a good air purifier
    itself is over 600$ and the filters are 100-150$ and you change the filters
    every 6 months

  12. Preidon says:

    Because your balls stink

  13. Kyle Gibson says:

    I wish I could open my windows. Across the street from me is a train
    hitching station and if I open my windows, hello coal dust.

  14. Agent 4 :D says:

    What Causes Shivers Down Your Spine? New video Idea!

  15. Alicia Gill says:

    But if I open my windows then bees will fly into my house.

  16. TacComControl says:

    You’ve forgotten one of the key factors of what makes fresh air fresh…


    Seriously. There’s a type of mold that grows in soil, and it blooms like
    mad after a rainstorm, and it’s widely associated with the scent of “Fresh,
    Crisp Air”.

    Also temperature. Air that’s slightly cooler is often interpreted as being

  17. Arkadiusz Sparzyński says:

    These 2-4 minutes videos are too short. When i play it before i get to
    toilet episode is over.

  18. HiltownJoe says:

    You forgot about central ventilation with an heat exchange unit. Air gets
    replaced with air from outside, but the temperature gradient between inside
    and outside does not change so much.

  19. Drunkenflowerface says:

    how the fuck should I know how to get fresh air, just open the window ?
    thanks science Im safe now :P

  20. Fred Mason says:

    why cant you remember yourself falling asleep?