What New Yorkers Think Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Means | Genius News

What New Yorkers Think Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Means | Genius News

On Saturday, May 5th, Donald Glover pulled double duty on ‘Saturday Night Live’ by hosting and serving as the musical guest under his Childish Gambino moniker. To coincide with the appearance, he shared a new song titled “This Is America” and an accompanying music video.

Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/childish-gambino-returns-with-his-new-single-this-is-america

Read all the lyrics to “This Is America” on Genius: https://genius.com/Childish-gambino-this-is-america-lyrics

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106 Responses

  1. Kit /ten says:

    This song is just pure art.

  2. Wtf is This Channel says:

    Dissapointed if no one wore timbs or said deadass before I watch this

  3. Shady Pikachu says:

    1:06 she’s so wrong. It’s also a social commentary on the black artists of today not using their voice and just worrying about gaining popularity with the next dance trend.

  4. Aralulz says:

    Can’t wait for the lyric and choreography breakdown 👌👌

    • AYYKWAM says:

      Aralulz i hope he comes and explains them

    • IzThat it says:

      Aralulz it’s not necessary everytime js a play on modern popular hip-hop. Adlibs glorifying thug culture, drug culture, and violence. Chorus singing about wanting to have fun and be free.

    • Aralulz says:

      IzThat it Well I wasn’t saying it was a necessity, only that it’s something I look forward too.

    • Prince Si says:

      Gambino never does one

    • Aralulz says:

      There was one for Redbone by Ludwig Göransson who has frequently collaborated with him. Obviously I’d love one done by the man himself but any legitimate lyric and/or choreography breakdown would be amazing regardless.

  5. Luis says:

    Yall couldn’t collab with Is My Shit Tight???

    • Luis says:

      I just wanna clarify, IMST has like 90k subs and Genius has 2.5mil subs. It would’ve been nice for a big channel like this to give IMST exposure especially when they started doing this type of medium first.

    • SLUSH says:

      Luis Why would they? It’s not like Genius is one big personality that he can credit other smaller YouTubers

    • Michael Bell says:

      SLUSH They definitely fucking can what do you mean? It would only take a minute or two to put a couple frames or whatever in the beginning or end, or SECONDS to out it on the description box. Any one person could do that.

    • chur ricardo says:

      i called them out for this this in another comment and genius responded with a video of someone interviewing people on the street in the 80’s. they really think they can get away with it that easily

  6. Roman Cleary says:

    0:39 lil uzi flirt

  7. Martin Rault says:

    man those 2 men have dope haircuts but damn, it has to take a lot of time in the morning

    • The Weekday says:

      My hair used to look like theirs. But I had to cut them off

    • UMKW invecivel1 says:

      Martin Rault
      Dope? They are disgusting in my eye.

    • Trent hbk says:

      AlphaLeetGaming foh hair doesent have anything to do with brains smdh

    • Jose Coss says:

      Martin Rault, perfect example of what this tracks talks about.. the song speaks volumes of reality, but what is important for some is the dudes hair styles..

    • Lone Chromosome says:

      Low IQ humanbeing? Ah, you are an intellectual, such as I. The plebians—how pitiful they look with their pupils glued to their cellular devices.
      Just shut the fuck up😝

  8. Jew Slayer says:

    1:05 why does it have to be a white thing?

    • Sorbetto says:

      goddessoflove4ever not only are you black, but you’re also dumb to take the statement in a literal sense. Smh

    • Jew Slayer says:

      i Spook grammer nazi

    • TheHornyEnglishMan says:

      It’s not just a white thing. It’s a black thing also. Black on black violence. Why else would Donald kill another black man ?

    • TheHornyEnglishMan says:

      Hate it how people view other races as a whole different species. When black people say to white people you’ll never understand the pain or’ what I go through ‘ they just see them as a whole different species, not human. Truly sad and this situation goes both ways. We are all human. Don’t segregate others because of race, that is the opposite of equality, uniting the same kind and excluding others.

    • Chase Noah says:

      Im not white Im clear lol

  9. Holy Skadoodle says:

    sooooo we just gon act like they ain’t completely take this idea from Is my shit tight

    • Neil G. says:

      asking people to voice their reactions to something isn’t really a new concept. IMST is basically a news segment where an anchor goes to the street to ask an everyday person their thoughts on a certain topic of discussion.

    • DJ Sunkisst says:

      Neil G. Still tho. IMST is a unique spin on that with a certain style and I haven’t seen anyone do it like them before. They’re working really hard. they deserve more credit. In a way they’re also breaking new music to people. Further pushing the culture. Further pushing music.

    • Neil G. says:

      More power to doing something that you, or in this case IMST, want to do. Push “the culture” and push “the music.” We need that (or I need that, haha). But this is isn’t unique in any manner and the way that the concept is approached, while fascinating/informative/interesting/etc., is not new. Here’s a clip from the ’90’s when MTV did pretty much the exact same thing:


  10. lit luke says:

    is my shit tight?

  11. Treesuh says:

    1:15 That dude has some really good points throughout this video.

    Overall, I think Glover is trying to show us how easily led we are as a society. We are told which pieces of violence to pay attention to, just like in the video where select pieces (mass shootings, school shootings, terrorist acts) of the constant violence and uproar was only brought to the forefront. I like how the dude picked up on the “I’m so pretty” part commenting on the self-aggrandizing culture we live in today, where we only pay attention to the serious problems in our country for as long as we’re told to then we’re back to boasting behind screens. Even when witnessing destruction and chaos, we are behind screens filming it (like the kids on the upper level in that scene), not doing anything to address it- we look to film it to get it online. After every shooting highlighted, the bodies are forgotten or dragged and the gun is taken care of and protected (and in the Charleston scene where the cops show up but do nothing) but we just go right back to the distractions. I saw the concentration of black people being the victims as symbolic of the overrepresentation of blacks killed by gun violence, most of which doesn’t get covered. This is America and seeing it in a video is supposed to make you uncomfortable and nervous just as it should in the real life it is imitating and I think it did a great job at that.

    I didn’t mean to write this entire thing but, there it is- my word vomit. lmao There is so much to be said about this video but I don’t know how much of a change it will spark in us. It’s a beautiful piece of social commentary nonetheless.

  12. Javier Verdugo says:

    Even in his dancing and poses have references…jim crow laws..etc. look into it. Thats why at first i was asking why he poses that way ,and dancing that way ,but they are visuals he put their purposely which was cool. Alot of that goes over peoples heads. Without the visuals the song would be missing alot. I think thats why he put it out together.

    • Kurostyle21 says:

      Cortez H. I know you are taking interpretations with a grain of salt but some hints are obviously refering to one than another.
      The pose in question here is probably the most characteristoc pose for portrations of the Jim Crow character. Just like if some piece of art refers to crucifixion you could argue that many people besides Jesus have been crucified but why would the artist bother with such a striking image if it basically meant nothing significant at all?

    • Uanne says:

      Zin tracks Why u asking that ?? She say that for the african dance moove (the gwera gwera 🇿🇦 and others country 🇰🇪🇳🇬) he did. And the kids have the uniforms of south africans kids

    • Suziestar jamaa says:

      Javier Verdugo

    • Ex0dus111 says:

      Cortez H. Right at the MOMENT he pulls the trigger on the guy with the blindfold he pulls the most well known Him Crow pose. That is no coincidence, because he holds the pose during the shot.

      I also love how both his weapons are carefully taken away, like they have great value. But the human bodies are either dragged by the ankles or just left on the ground. This is America.

  13. BossMode DareProd says:

    1:06 wow I’m a New Yorker but honestly I don’t think any New Yorker would have that stupid opinion, let alone most people in general. what she said was ridiculous

    • ti ph says:

      DarkAndDandy find a video on YouTube with no advisory or warnings on it, of a black man killing/shooting “whites” in a graphic way like this and as popular as this video…ill wait

    • Layla Smith says:

      I think she doesn´t mean just in New York, she means on the news. I can say as a black person seeing or hearing on the news that another black person is dead (shot or police brutality) happens often. So I think that is what she means not in just one state but in America as a whole.

    • epic gaming tips says:

      People didnt get shot in tia (this is america), actors pretended to be shot. Youtubes rules forbid “controversial material”. (Unless they are prefered like certain creators and companys, such as cnn, or fox). Footage of any mass shooting is controversial no matter who gets shot. Be it black, white, asian, hispanic, indian, muslim, and anything i missed.

    • epic gaming tips says:

      Childish is allowed to have TIA up because he is famous and prefered.

  14. Devin Hoy says:

    1:06 is so wrong it’s annoying

  15. Nathan Cattery says:

    3:11 anyone else thrown off by the voice

  16. PopGreen_Master says:

    They got some wild hairstyles in New York.

  17. jumpstart55million says:

    They asked the most hispterish looking people they could find…lol

  18. Mohamed Izlanshah says:


  19. Maliha Intikhab says:

    The guy at 03:18 does not have the voice I would expect him to have. Great speaking voice though.

  20. Maliha Intikhab says:

    1:15 That guy had some great points. I like how he picked up on “I’m so pretty”.

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