What NOT to Wear on an Airplane

What NOT to Wear on an Airplane

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20 Responses

  1. Gary Hicks says:

    Happy birthday Owen :)

  2. Klangneman /- says:

    Ohh shit i watched this on the 14 april, I’m not kidding and tomorrow is My
    b-day Holy shit man congratz to Owen

  3. Chris martin says:

    Well done Casey for raising Owen to be quite a cool kid

  4. Wills Ohrnberger says:

    It’s funny. All you rich people never seem to get sad….

  5. Sarah Ahmed says:

    You fly Emirates?

  6. sarahtheshiznet says:

    I’m not going to lie, i shed a tear at “hi, dad!”. so cute

  7. theend Jr. says:

    Does your wife hate owen? ive never seen the two of them go together!

  8. Ollie Vlogs says:

    Happy birthday owen

  9. kuzaxe says:

    Is that Casey’s phone number? @4:41 on the suitcase? — 212 608 1520

  10. bel250 says:

    LOL @ 8:44 …I used to tease my little nephew that if he hold his pee long
    enough, it will turn into stones ;-)

  11. Lizette Anne Laguna says:

    That “Hi Dad” from Owen. #OnionsEverywhere

  12. Andre Machado says:

    Those clips of little Owen in the back were awesome. Casey, you’re by far
    the awesomest dad in the entire fucking world ?

  13. Caleb Collinsworth says:

    bro I’m born the same day aka today

  14. Clementina Obregón says:

    Owen is my big crush since I saw him in one of your movies way before the
    vlogs <3

  15. #Smile Gaming says:

    The ending 😛 LOL

  16. TheChickahnTech says:

    Wait, Is candice
    Owen’s mom??? im confused

  17. Danny Chavez says:

    talking bout what not to wear but yet you use those telescope glasses.

  18. MatVenture says:

    Everyone going on about how they melted when Owen went “Hi dad!”, and i’m
    over here laughing my ass of because of the last scene where he’s walking
    while taking a piss.

  19. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    Happy B’Day Owen!!!!! I’m 39 with a 21 year old son. It’s crazy how fast
    they grow.. Safe travels..

  20. Jen Mendoza says:

    “Hi daaaaad!” omg my heart??