What Rappers Say They Make Vs. What They Actually Make

What Rappers Say They Make Vs. What They Actually Make

“I make dollars – I mean billions…” Right.

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Drake’s ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ Concert – New York, NY
Credit: Steven Lovekin / Getty Images
Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana – Weigh-In
Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Drai’s Nightclub Rings In 2016 With Unforgettable Drai’s LIVE Performance By Celebrated Artists Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill – New Year’s Eve In Las Vegas
Credit: Bryan Steffy / Getty Images
2015 Billboard Music Awards – Show
Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images
NBA All-Star Game 2013
Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
IHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Presented By Sprint – Show
Credit: John Parra / Getty Images
Z100’s Jingle Ball 2015 – Show
Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
Credit: Francois Guillot / Getty Images
2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival – Night 1 – Show
Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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20 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    I have no money and I’m not funny, but at least today it is sunny.

  2. Rocher Am says:

    its odd that people that do own a billion don’t brag abt it…

  3. Mahir Cecen says:

    Still crazy

  4. Niels Duyvejonck says:

    I can buy a pizza!

  5. Pearlie Grace says:

    i dont think rapper actually mean they make a billion dollars lol they just
    say that in a song cos it rhymes or it sounds good lol

  6. beautilist says:

    I’m really noticing that you guys dont have good ideas anymore. nobody
    Would take this lyrics seriously. but i Get the point that it must be Hard
    to have New Video ideas every day constantly.

  7. Simon Metin says:

    this makes me sad.

  8. Erv Mak says:

    Dr dre 1B

  9. mani watson says:

    No rapper is gonna say : ‘I made 9.8 million in 2010, yeah ‘ are they ?

  10. vengefulbeauty says:

    What, rappers lie?

  11. Random Genius says:

    Damnn Buzzfeed’s well must be running dry. They getting desperate for
    videos smh kmt

  12. Comment Debater says:

    They still earn too much

  13. sunny thind says:

    What is this trash ?

  14. thetompotterable says:

    “50K for a verse, no album out”

  15. AmateurPro94 says:

    A small loan of a million dollars

  16. samiam says:

    Is anyone actually surprised by nicki minaj and lil wayne? No? Yeah, me

  17. EthanTheHoe says:

    Either way they’re all rich

  18. verkzkillsz says:

    love this hahaha

  19. Julius Pantel says:

    Wehre the real rappers?
    Cause nikki aint one

  20. Vaugh Monteral says:

    she said “she’ll make a billion ” not she said a billion