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50 Responses

  1. Janette Espinoza says:

    I never heard of that lol of Padrino’s being at the birth 😂 I think that’s a lie . But Padrino’s have as many god daughter or god sons and even Madrina’s ❤️ fun fact I only have on set of Padrino’s(they’re married of course) since I was small , they been my Padrino’s para mi presentacion de 3 años , mi bautizo , mi primera comunión , mi confirmación & the last thing is for my wedding , but I’m still not in that stage lol I’m blessed with my Madrina and padrino they are my second parents 💖💖 wish you the best on your pregnancy Elsy ❤️ , I’m due with my second son in July 💙

  2. Vanessa Aguirre says:

    Why does everyone want alo pregnant. Let her enjoy her relationship with Benny

    • xlina.33 says:

      Exactly! Live life

    • amy Yos says:

      Alondra wants herself pregnant from Benny smh. She’s the one moving too fast in the relationship

    • Joeanna Lopez says:

      She said she’s ready to have a baby and elsy and her planned to get pregnant together in January.

    • Vanessa Aguirre says:

      Joeanna Lopez I think they’re joking around. They have always joked around about getting pregnant together. Their mannerisms make it seem like it’s their inside joke. I was referring to her followers though they seem pushy about her getting pregnant

    • Melanie Cifuentes says:

      amy Yos her and elsy had already planned January but Elsy got pregnant beforehand and she was going through problems. So I think it just helps her to joke around having a baby since she would’ve been right now possibly with someone else.. so it’s like “ahhhh let me find out I’m pregnant” as a joke. She’s not seriously trying 😂

  3. Cindy Gonzalez says:

    When Elsy said “I don’t have godparents so I have no idea, I barley have parents” 🤣💀 17:17

  4. G G says:

    When elsy said “ I barely have parents “ IM DEAD 😂😂😂

  5. kaylaq925 says:

    For the most part I was always tired when I was pregnant with my son. With my daughter I was a bit more active. Pregnancy can take a big toll on you, mentally, emotionally and mostly physically. 🤰 You’re glowing Elsy! Best regards for you and baby E ♥️

  6. MaryAngel Corona says:

    The way Alo talks about Benny with that huge smile on her face just shows how happy he makes her! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Brianna Gomez says:

    Is it me or there makeup looks yellow af when they’re sitting down

  8. Ruby Hernandez says:

    why did she sound like she was gonna say “right now” at the end LEMME FIND OUT YOUR PREGNANT AFTER CANCUN DUDEE🤭🥳🥳

  9. Mary Harvey says:

    Why y’all gotta come for Alo like this, im sure she already know, let her live her life!

  10. K S says:

    Yes, a Padrino & Madrina can have more than one Godchild

  11. On Us Vlogs says:

    People are seriously judging Elsy for her reaction to the baby’s gender 🤦‍♀️ this is why I’ve never had a gender reveal my husband and I aren’t big on reactions people would probably think we aren’t happy because we don’t jump up and down or cry 😂 lol

    • Jasmine Olmos says:

      On Us Vlogs lmaooo i’m the same way bro😂 i be feeling like i’m so monotone when it comes to things like that haha

    • Mirta Benhumea says:

      I cried during mine like straight up cried and people thought I was disappointed!! But in reality I was so happy because I wanted a girl and everyone was saying I looked like I was having a boy so I thought I was having a boy and I was so happy it was a girl ! I didn’t care about the gender but i thought I was for sure having a boy 😅

  12. Jenna Ay says:

    I feel bad that she always has to answer questions about her ex.. like shes trying to move on. It must be hard to constantly have him be brought up. BENNY AND ALO 2020 🥰💕

    • Nicole Ramirez says:

      Jeanette Rubio maybe bc Alo isn’t innocent and they feel they need to prove a point to the fans if u ask me🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Nicole Ramirez says:

      Jeanette Rubio as far as all the comments no one ever asked about what their talking about so why bring him up in their videos alo face explains it all she isn’t innocent!!!

    • Monica Zitro says:

      Nicole Ramirez lmao actually yes, people kept asking if tre was there

    • Lovley Locs says:

      She could easily skip those questions and respect Benny.

    • Gill Bates says:

      It’s crazy that people are so rude and it’s crazy that a girl with such a great attitude and good looks is single that is because men are a joke I just got out of a 8-year relationship because my girlfriend was in menopause she’s only 41 but she kind of went crazy I’m a good man in Los Angeles looking for a good woman and willing to relocate

  13. Sonia Garcia says:

    When my mom was pregnant with me the whole nine months they told her I was going to be a boy surprise I Was a girl wearing boy clothes for about a year 😂 She refused to return anything I just rocked everything Blue

  14. Desi J says:

    I wanted a boy. But I had a girl and let me tell you I wouldn’t trade her for the world. My everything, my bestfriend and partner ❤💯😍🥰🔥💛

  15. Anna Escalante says:

    You’re able to be padrinos to Multiple kids, there isn’t any problem with that

  16. Linda Kham says:

    The fact that they keep hinting for Alondra to get pregnant lmao manifestation is real 👀

  17. Kaylie Esperanza says:

    let us find out Alo comes out saying she’s pregnant after this 😂😂 AHH

  18. dulce nieto says:

    Am I the only one that has to lower the volume when alondra talks & higher it all the way when Elsy talks?😭😂

  19. lil chinnaa says:

    Alo’s face changed up when tre came out . He hurt her bad and u can tell…

  20. Jay Tovar says:

    She just got into a relationship and ya’ll tryna make her have babies already 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tienen prisa 😆

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