What Really Happened w/ the Nathan Phillips “MAGA Kids” Controversy & The Mexican Pipeline?

What Really Happened w/ the Nathan Phillips “MAGA Kids” Controversy & The Mexican Pipeline?

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Tension Between Native Americans and High School Students Goes Viral:



Fuel Explosion in Mexico:

Edited by: James Girardier
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Neena Pesquesda, Brian Espinoza
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82 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Thanks for tuning in you Beautiful Bastards. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the bonus morning vid and another brand new PDS. <3
    Tension Between Native Americans and High School Students Goes Viral (00:06), Mexican Pipeline (11:51)

    • Hacking tutorials says:

      How the mighty have fallen , pretty sad that you have lost your sense of reality and logic. I hope you accept your mistake and retract.

    • Hacking tutorials says:

      The black Israelites weren’t the only bigots you were one too

    • Anthony Smith says:

      @Philip Defranco Phil I’ve been a long LONG time fan and I am disappointed at your rush to judgement (although I find that somewhat understandable), but more disappointed about your apology that should have been directed towards those kids. Also I feel like you could have acknowledged or at least suggested the possibility that while your misinterpretation with limited facts was an honest mistake, other media and news organizations showed the same lack of thoroughness they’ve been showing for awhile that is beginning to look more and more like nefarious, intentional, divisive coverage of events like these.

    • CNC295 says:

      Only in America, when people vote for freedom, fewer regulations, fewer taxes, less government power, are they labeled fascist, deplorable, racist, irrational, irredeemable, etc. The logic of the left is that they have no logic. They simply are what they accuse others of being. And they think that makes them better than the rest of us. Because they can simply point their finger at us and call us what they know themselves to be, somehow protects them from it. If not for hypocrisy, the left would have only racism, bigotry, and hate to worship.

    • VenusLove says:

      Bring Back Bronze 5 He just did…in the video.

  2. ArcherWarhound says:

    Disappointed in you Phil. You messed up and though you’ve made a passable attempt at correcting the facts you’re refusing to fully own WHY you jumped hard on these kids when you should have known better after YEARS of experience reporting on developing situations. You jumped on these kids because of those MAGA hats: your dislike of Trump has prejudiced you against anyone who supports him so you dog-piled on these innocent kids when a bit of googling would have showed you that Nathan Phillips has a history of starting trouble and lying about it. You owe these kids a direct apology and you need to own that your prejudice got the better of you in this instance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfNGV7idrRQ

  3. informationOD says:

    Nathan Phillips is a big fat liar. His interview with CNN was about how he felt he was in danger after being surrounded by the kids.

  4. Carandini says:

    Sorry Phil, but I can’t trust you after this.

  5. American 100% says:

    His excuse is that everyone else was doing it. He let his true views show through.

    • Not left vs right, nationalism vs globalism says:

      Please Like for Phillip DeFranco to change his name.
      Prince Phillip is racist.
      Franco was a Facist
      I suffer from triggers and shakes just seeing his name

  6. Zack Peck says:

    In your video you blamed the kids in MAGA hats for their disregard and their hate for other people. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot you don’t say those same things about the real perpetrators.

    • Я Смерть says:

      Obsidian Sinclaire the channel is just 1791 now

    • Attila Pataki says:

      then suddenly he becomes “neutral”

    • gabe jacob says:

      3:08 would you like to revise your statement? it seems that you were also a little too fast to act. he said that he was also at fault for fueling the threats.

    • gabe jacob says:

      +DoubleDown well, im not actually sure what my stance is on the native american being guilty of anything worse than misunderstanding the situation. it seems like he was just trying to prevent anything bad from happening. i do understand that the third party (i.e. the black Hebrew “preachers”) was definitely at fault for starting the whole thing. perhaps it is arguable that the high school students are somewhat at fault for this, but i think all they did wrong was handle the situation in a kinda aggressive manner by chanting their school chant, which only escalated the situation and made it just chaotic and confusing. i do kinda feel like the kid receiving all this hate had a pretty disrespectful look on his face and that didnt really line up with his statement about how he was “emotionless”. my perspective on this topic has shifted in favor of the students, more or less, but that kid’s expression just looks disrespectful and honestly disgusting.

  7. Dom B Podcast says:

    I’m stuck on the “hate is not going anywhere” comment. I do realize hate could never be completely extinguished. Please, we have to stop acting as if the amount of “hate” or “intolerance” in America is the same as it was 100, 50, or even 25 years ago. We (Americans) should be proud of our progress. Our work isn’t finished… but we’re improving. ?

    • Cooter McKenna says:

      The problem is that white people statistically “hate” the least out of other races. White western countries are the most tolerant and welcoming and now we’re paying the price.

    • Maria says:

      Lmao. When youre a black kid minding your business and a white man gets out of his car to wave a gun at you and your friends repeating the N word dozens of times, per the incident yesterday on mlk day nonetheless ?, you do not feel as if progress has been made. But go stick your little white head in the sand. It is your privilege to do that ☺

    • SunajVon says:

      Things have never been worse. The more media we get the worse things get. Let’s all go outside and play baseball

    • bud389 says:

      It was a minority of people who supported and used slavery. It was a minority of people who supported Jim Crow laws. It was a minority of people who opposed the Civil Rights act. We should stop pretending like we’re making “progress”. The only thing society has done has made it more frowned upon, hiding it away. It is those foolish and naive beliefs that drives the far left and their pathological narcissistic faux empathy into hating and attacking and destroying modern society both structurally and culturally. Stop giving fuel to the fire trying to burn down our freedoms.

    • mic wil says:

      This comment is inherently false. The number of hate groups in america has more than doubled in 20 years, since 1999 from 457 to 954 according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Racism is getting worse.

  8. TheRealBuddyB says:

    The real question is “Why were you so eager to immediately dogpile on woth the MSM and degrade a group of children in the name of social justice?”
    Don’t you put yourself out there as a ‘neutral’ truth speaker? You clearly embraced the bias and revealed yourself to be just another Fake News shill.

  9. Goblin says:

    >Be white teenage male student

    >attending some pro-life event

    >some Indian guy comes banging a drum and signing a song of their people

    >do nothing but smile awkwardly at it

    >people see and take pictures and videos slandering you

    >get targeted by msm as a racist bully for “mocking” the guy

    >everyone calls for your punishment and expulsion

    >get hated by everyone in the country

  10. hicksvilleshick says:

    All these groups that demand the hate end, are doing a fantastic job of spreading it. Phil, you jumped on the bandwagon. I subbed because I felt you provided a generally well researched neutral point of view, but over the last year I’ve seen that diminish. Maybe you feel stupid for jumping on the bandwagon, but you really didn’t clear up how inaccurate you were. All the footage was out there, yet everyone was quick to demonize these kids. They’ve been doxxed, and as you’ve mentioned threatened and slandered, as the footage shows, they were not the aggressors. There also seems to be some question to Mr. Phillips claims of service, but no mention of that here. Why? Additionally, the other group that in my opinion was there looking for a fight, and doing a fine job of spreading hate, why minimal mention of their background? I guess this is more free speech so long as it fits the media’s agenda… Sad day in America. At the rate we’re going, this is going to get bloody. People that didn’t like or agree with Obama were demonized, and slandered, now anyone who agrees with Trump is demonized and slandered, anyone else see the theme? I came here because you used to do what I believed was a decent job of viewing all aspects of a story, and the research to support that, but now you don’t appear to be any different than the MSM who is quick to be offended over anything regardless of the truth. Congrats! Judging by the comments, others see it too and are unsubbing.

  11. huFFy says:

    Phil jumping to judgement based on what blue checkmarks and fake news media report is what’s wrong with this country… fabricated reporting fuels real hatred.

  12. kelly reed says:

    The black Israelites are the ones who started it why no media backlash towards them
    Double standards maybe.


    What would have happened if there was no more footage of it? The kid’s life would be ruined and almost no one would defend him and almost everyone would have condemned the only group that was not being hateful and, despite being immature by nature and/or nurture, they turned the other cheek to the hate they were receiving. And you said “hate is learned and people truly are more comfortably showcasing it openly”, so when are we going to see you go deeper into the hate that was displayed by the native american or the black israelites? How did they learn it? Are you going to post a video next time you see them displaying hate as they did or it only works with the enemies of the MSM?

    • Zach says:

      @James Coconut what is even the point you’re making. Do you think all the Nazis did was a genocide? None of the other racial hatred and fascist power grabs were bad? And if someone didn’t commit a genocide, they’re great? You think school shooters are fine because they didn’t commit a genocide?

    • Alexis Henry says:

      There is more footage out now of the boys catcalling and harrassing women. They yelled “it’s not rape if you enjoy it”. They are not innocent at all

    • scarzoo005 says:

      +Teh Goat kys

    • Okamakiri says:

      The same thing that happened to all the men that have been victims of #metoo witch hunts.

    • Zach says:

      “MAGA hats are not hateful, there you go.”

      Wrong, there you go.

  14. x7aylor says:

    You still need to apologise to the kids you slandered Phil.

  15. LayZ Potato says:

    “a lot of people from a lot of different sides and organizations feel stupid”
    You should know better with all these apologies you’ve put out and seen on the internet, never compare yourself to others and try to minimize your own fault. You can’t always talk about how you want to provide better more honest news if you are going to end up doing the same as other MSM outlets.

    “a lot of people are doubling down on their reactions”
    Bringing up others who doubled down unlike you. Again, making yourself out to be a better person than those people, trying to make yourself seem like a better option for news.

    I watched him for facts that have been double/triple checked. Your patrons donate to Defranco Elite to support you and help you expedite the fact checking on these stories. Why are you wasting this team of people? Is it really that hard to wait a few days to share your opinion? After subscribing for 2+ years I’ve picked up on subtle manipulation and over pandering when he talks to his audience. Hope you guys realize this as well especially the patreon supporters, last day I’ll be subscribed.

  16. formsMostBeautiful says:


    You shouldn’t feel stupid; you should feel guilty. You contributed to the mobbing of teenagers. You joined in an irrational, evil attack on innocent high school kids. Their reputations were dragged through the mud. Their school is getting bomb threats. They and their families are getting death threats. They’ve been doxed, threatened, and could feel the consequences from this public vitriol for years to come.

    Apologize to them. You’ve already (and rightly) apologized to your audience but the biggest victims in all of this are the kids that are experiencing hate from millions of people perpetrated by the media, the left, and even some on the right. Next time, instead of making sure you virtue signal early enough and join the outrage mob, get all the facts first Philly D. This is one of the worst things you’ve done.

  17. Waldo says:

    Philip have become fake news

  18. Redneck Nation says:

    Red hat bad, make people mad!?

  19. Dare To Game says:

    Super Disappointed in You here Phil, You fell for this far left propaganda hook line and sinker, and just became another parrot that echoes the lies that MSM outlets spread.

  20. Purple Hearts says:

    “We also saw a lot of people take to social media to condemn what looked like blatant hate.”

    Uh, you mean, you? lol

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