What Really Happened (with Shane Dawson)

What Really Happened (with Shane Dawson)

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Shisa is back…with a book…. answering all your questions about what really happened between us. Shane Dawson and I reflect on our past relationship, talk all things Shisa, and chat about my book that came out TODAY!


Come meet me my book signing!! August 27 @ 7pm at the Grove. Can’t wait to see ya!

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52 Responses

  1. lisbug says:

    Oh hi! Shisa is back. Hope you guys enjoy the video. To hear more, make sure you get my book!! Love you and appreciate your support!!

  2. na_z says:

    I really hope her channel starts getting the views it deserves again

    • Charlie Wright says:

      na_z i know I feel so bad for her. A lot of the OG youtubers are losing views hardcore.

    • BLUETIERS says:

      youtube is dying.. there’s nothing we can do 🙁

    • Chantal Dugdale says:

      Yeah Charles trippy of the ctfxc is major evidence of that. Only Philip Defranco and Rhett and link have really survived the times

    • phantom diaries says:

      na_z she just needs to make more interesting content coz i’m still subscribed to her coz she’s funny idk just wish she had better content.

  3. Tiffahbean says:

    I just turned 30 this year. You bet your ass I’m buying this book! Congratulations on this accomplishment, Lisa. You’re absolutely lovely! ❤️

  4. Jesse Dorran says:

    Remember when they were broken up and did an awkward kiss pretending to be together

  5. Catareena Taber says:

    SHISHAAAA! Please have Shane do you makeup! This was so comforting to watch. ?

  6. Oksana B says:

    Lisa looking fabulous as always

  7. Poppin curlsss says:

    Only real ogs remember shisha back in 2013 ?❤️❤️❤️

  8. sam smith says:

    Why dose it feel like they don’t want to end the video ???
    Btw this made me so freaking HAPPY ?

  9. Laurathor says:

    I wish her and Jeff would hang out with Shane and Ryland more. I can’t believe they’ve only met once

  10. Pennolope Clearwater says:

    Mom and Dad are back. I love seeing your personalities together again.

    • Ariana Nielson says:

      Pennolope Clearwater they may not be in a relationship but i think they’re definitely soul mates, meant to always be together ?

  11. Angel Dively says:

    Shane: “..I guess I’m good at color coordinating..”

    Only wears black clothes covered in animal hair.

  12. Chelsea Carroll says:

    Shane: “I guess I’m good with color coordinating.”
    Also Shane: *wears same black outfit for a year straight*
    This is why I love him. <3

  13. William Ehlers says:

    Shisa was the golden age of YouTube.

  14. Sly Sapphire says:

    The amount of times Lisa and Shane promoted the BOOK?

  15. cuz hernameisarii says:

    This is giving me old time vibes, when YouTube wasn’t what it is today.

  16. Cole Chatman says:

    So we’re doing a Mukbang but without the.. food.

    Shane in his thoughts l: so we’re doing a mukbang but without the muk??

  17. Lama28 says:

    Lisa: the chapter is called my gay boyfriend

    Somehow I was expecting Shane to yell “Bi!” ?

  18. Anthony Scott says:

    New fans of these two are watching this like “these two were together?” Y’all aren’t OG’s?

  19. Envoy of Anguish Blade Lord says:

    Next: Lisa and Ryland spill wholesome fruit tea on Shane (ft Garrett and Andrews laughter )

  20. Caroline Teichert says:

    Shane: I’ve been falling down period holes

    everyone watching: …an I oop

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