What Really Happens at Airports? | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

What Really Happens at Airports? | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

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72 Responses

  1. random video says:

    I’m like hella scare of the airport for some reason

  2. h dsouza says:

    When people think they’re first and there is always someone before them

  3. Delangelo Jackson says:

    So early all the comments finna say “first”

  4. Keny William says:

    Who else love Anwar’s vids

  5. Anwar Jibawi says:

    New episodes of Airport Security Squad on Monday’s! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to LIKE this video!

  6. Martha Arciniega says:

    It’s hilarious how they look at the camera.

  7. Ilam Maya says:

    What really happens at airports:

    You take a small bag of candy through security and then they stop you and make you dig in your bags for it and and take out all your stuff and then you miss your flight and then you have to repack all the things you spent so much time packing and then have to go home

  8. BlueMercy YT says:

    why does this remind me of “the office”

  9. Nukuk Zathang says:

    “he just quit his job and he just gave me the name tag” lmao
    Me: i need that cousin ASAP!!

  10. Claudine Sithole says:

    When you’re not early and you find a whole lotta”like this comment” comments😊thank u for one like

  11. Rahim says:

    Yeah, dont laugh at “A.S.S” Yeah we got it.

  12. AridMage888 says:

    Not going to lie just cause I watch this I want to be airport security now

  13. Source of Randomness says:


    *Agents of Secret Stuff have left the chat*

  14. [GD] Perkins says:

    How do they do this with corona virus? That’s a lot of germs children.

  15. Frostbite 115 says:

    I like how the co-pilot is clueless about flying 😂

  16. Lori Kalmar says:

    Wait so is nobody gonna talk about Cheddar the “rat king configuration” 😂😂

  17. Agastya says:

    You know I wouldn’t mind seeing an actual show of this like the office 😂

  18. Vivid Dominatorツ says:

    This was what they were watching during “Netflix Cheater”.

  19. L_IsHereYT says:

    A.S.S is the best Airport in the world ever existed and its huge.

  20. Lego Star Wars Gang 69 says:

    The reaction of the guy when he saw the rat escape was priceless

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