What Social Anxiety Feels Like

What Social Anxiety Feels Like

Stop bringing up your sad shingles story! Get your phone out and look busy!

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20 Responses

  1. haustyl12 says:

    Collegehumor: slowly becoming buzzfeed everyday

  2. ledzeppelinrocks21 says:

    Haha nice

  3. rayna lee says:

    In reality I can’t even go to a party because I of social anxiety

  4. FitzChivalry Farseer says:

    cringe cringe cringe…..

  5. poppyseedsnuranium says:

    So adorable!

  6. George Preston says:

    That was acurat

  7. notthere83 says:

    Hm… why is a drama short on CollegeHumor? Unless of course the creators
    think that the issues portrayed in this video are hilarious…

  8. Dawn Munn says:

    Yes. Same

  9. tom bailey says:

    I’m sorry but none of this would happen college humour are so cringe these

  10. Jake Northrup says:

    As a guy with social anxiety, I don’t experience any of this.

  11. A Jar Of Idiot says:

    Ohhhh but it’s worse. Anxiety is screaming at the top of her lungs. 24/7.
    Hating my every single move. yay

  12. TheAmazingJimmy says:

    For all you fags that are saying “Like, I’ve been self diagnosed with this
    and ADD and Autism and this is totally what it’s like”. Shut up bitch, this
    is a representation of schizophrenia, not your gay “social anxiety” bull
    crap, if you’re shy, you’re shy, that’s just how some people are. Not
    everything is some romanticized “mental illness”, since when did self
    diagnosing yourself as mentally ill become a cool thing anyways? Bunch of
    stupid worthless millennials.

  13. Arctobog says:


  14. Eric D. says:

    blonde girl on the left at 0:08 looks like a horse

  15. ThunderboltTangerine says:

    Next do a video on the crushing loneliness we all feel inside

  16. SuperGeil says:

    Anybody else notice the pewdiepie reference with the landlord and the noise

  17. llIllIllI llIllIlli says:

    That ending was cringe. ?

  18. xPnightcorexP says:

    She says click over here but i dont see anything like

  19. cortarelva says:

    Social anxiety! When i was a teen it was called being a weirdo.

  20. Starkweather says:

    Me: I’m gonna post a comment

    Anxiety: Don’t you fuckin dare! People are just gonna thumb it down, and
    call you a loser!